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  1. Last few jobs were to install these beauties...(sorry for size/quality...couldn't find them on my PC so took them off facebook) And then came the sad day when I had to say goodbye. I spent a solid week cleaning, polishing, dusting and telling myself I did the right thing... Russ taking it for a spin for the first time....took his breath away Never seen such a huge grin on someone's face I couldn't quite let go...
  2. I then decided that the fuel tank straps looked horrible when behind the car so I got some new ones and painted them up... Soooo....then I got sick of my saggy roof lining. It was sagging at the back and this made me sad. I initially got some black trim clips from Halfords and plugged them through the roof lining. They held well and tidied it up, but I wanted it to look a bit better... It started falling apart so my idea was to make a fibreglass mould of it and then make a new headlining out of fibreglass. Stupidly I didn't realise that fibreglass is ridiculously sticky and by the time it dried, it wasn't going to come apart. At least the roof lining had strength in it with the fibreglass behind it. The fibreglass acted as a sturdy backing, so I filled in the holes I'd made with the trim clips... The old foam had to come off in order to stick the new vinyl covering. This is a sticky task but best performed with a brush I had a lot of filling to do with the hot glue gun Time for the fun part... I had to glue the vinyl around the edges of the sunroof (as per original design). This was reinforced by the inner sunroof seal. It was cold when I did the fibreglassing (February :roll: ) so the fibreglass warped in a couple of places. The seal saved the day here The sunroof needed doing too. I stripped the bottom cover out of the car and took off all the old material. The sunroof is a tight fit, so had to take the foam backing off the edges of the vinyl Used spare foam to fill the holes so that they are not visible when the vinyl is glued in place. Pretty hot huh?
  3. Anyhow...lets finish off this thread with the changes I made to it before I sold it... Here's a really early pic - one when I first got it on the road and had to get the standard exhaust patched up to stop it leaking fumes where it met the mk4 AGU downpipe. Next job was to replace the old sunroof seal. It had all sorts of nasty stuff growing on it and it looked unsightly The birds loved my car Got the polishing kit out... New seal in place Old and new I noticed the wind deflector and guides were looking a little worn, so gave them a coat of paint. I ran out of red so silver had to do because the next days forecast wasn't so good Gave it a quick clean and polish and used boiled linseed oil for the first time to shine the bumpers..and rubber seals...and grille...and anything black It's amazing stuff! Then I came to the realisation that my 12" sub was taking up far too much space in my boot and with a couple of big charity walks coming up, I needed to be able to load the car up with kit. I had to improvise a better solution... Out came the spare tyre along with the long thread that held it in place The plan was to make a fibreglass sub that fitted in the spare wheel well. This was the first time I'd used fibreglass so don't follow my steps below if you are thinking of doing the same. Get advice off the tinternet before trying it as there are better ways of doing it. MDF to go on top.. Sound deadening below the sub I also built a false floor to go over the sub but as it was all rushed, I didn't get to take pictures. The amps were screwed to the back of the rear seats so I had the whole boot free. Perhaps I can get Russ to send me some pics of it.
  4. Wow has it really been 2 years since I updated this? I sold this baby back in April 2012 to a friend of mine (Pics at the end of the post ) Here are answers to some questions I was asked on CGTI... I had a separate fuse box that I ran straight from the battery to the passenger footwell. There was a 30A relay in between which meant that the electrics connected to this auxiliary fuse box only came on when the key was turned. I used this fuse box to power the sun visor monitors, electric mirrors, electric windows (Separate MK2 wiring for both) and any other 'external' connections. This saved me having to splice the Mk4 loom when adding new gadgets. I did have pictures of it somewhere but I can't seem to find any of them I really wanted to use the mk4 window switches to control the mk2 windows, but it's a different system that uses hall senders to sense when the EW motors are turning. When they stop turning, it stops sending a current to the motor. I never did get my head round it so just used the mk2 EW setup. The central locking was a tricky one but I got to the bottom of it just before I sold the car. I actually used the mk4 central locking wiring, but wired it up to aftermarket (maplins £20 jobbie) central locking actuators. So I was able to use the mk4 remote key fob to lock/unlock the car. This meant that the alarm worked too What's more...if you wire the boot light switch to work with the mk4 loom, not only can you have a boot light, but it will also set the alarm off if the boot is opened when the car is locked Notice they have blue/green wires coming out of them (this is what I refer to in my wiring schema as 'blue motor' and 'green motor') Here's how I wired it. The colours might be different in your loom but I'm pretty sure the layout will be the same. My theory behind soldering the 'locked position' to 'ground' was so that the alarm was activated when the car was locked. This may or may not have been necessary, but it all worked as it should Where it says 'to door switch' this wire connects to the mk2 switch that activates the interior light when the door is opened. The reason I sold this beauty of a golf is I am half way through my Syncro build, I've got the donor car on the driveway and wanted to buy a more 'sensible' car as a daily. So...much as it pained me, the red golf had to go. It went to a good home though - sold it to my mate Russ...not sure what his name is on the forums but he helped me a lot with putting the golf together and he's given me a lot of time with the syncro build too. This is the replacement...
  5. lets build a mk2

    The ignition module is specfic to the AGU engine codes...don't think any others use them. Martijn, my build thread might be useful to you...it's in my signature. How is the stonechip applied? Spray gun or out of a can?
  6. lets build a mk2

    First of all, FU for keeping me up till nearly 3am with this post. Secondly - amazing work! You've inspired me to get out there and finish off my syncro project that has been dragging on for nearly 2 years! Thirdly - I've been there and done it...broke 3 teeth when breaker bar slipped whilst undoing the hub to strut nuts. Keep up the hard work and the updates! Kav
  7. Fantastic work mate! I'm just starting my second 1.8t conversion and found your topic for a bit of inspiration. Keep up the good work! Kav
  8. I can't seem to edit older posts so here are a few pics I missed out earlier... Exhaust.. I also changed the cream sun visor monitors for larger black ones... I saw this first aid kit going cheap in VW and knew a perfect spot for it...
  9. I didn't have a pic of the gear stick once it was finished, so here they are...(I took Scorian's advice about all the red on the dash, so used silver vinyl to cover the vents and central fascia) Nowhere near the AC button when in first gear now I also treated 'blue' to some smoked crystal headlights... The blue golf is a Syncro...it's a hint at my next project
  10. And the gearbox is ready to go in... For anyone doing this...it's almost impossible to find out which oil goes into the 02s. VW sell it but they don't know the viscosity so here it is... Next step was to solve one of the early issues I had...the gear stick. I'd fitted the mk3's cable shifter, however it was quite short and moved too far on gear changes...I kept turning the air conditioning on. Here's an earlier pic of how it was... So...time to swap it out with a mk4 6 speed shifter. To start with, the two rear fixing tabs have to go... Also the bits circled need to be cut out and flattened, as they won't fit through the hole in the tunnel. Quick stencil to work out where to drill the holes in the tunnel... Holes drilled Before the shifter can go in, there's a bracket on the underside of the tunnel that needs to be removed. This held in the old shifter. Some people drill the spot welds, but because I had a full powerflow exhaust, this was not possible. I had to cut/chisel/force the damned thing out
  11. Now that the engine was running nicely, I had time to finish off some other jobs. It was time to cover the doors with the sound proof material, which would also act as the waterproof membrane... With the interior almost complete, I had one last major job to do. I'd been kicking myself for not installing a 6 speed gearbox when the car was apart and as the Mk3 gearbox was making a whirring sound, it was time to upgrade the gearbox It was time to install the 6 speed 02s gearbox from a Golf mk5 2.0l FSI (NOT TFSI!!!). Took me weeks to get hold of it but finally it's mine... The 02s is on the right. The gearbox on the left is the 5 speed 02j from the mk4 golf. The 02s has the same bell housing as the mk4's 02j. It is also the only 6 speed gearbox that can fit straight into the mk2 using the top gearbox mount from the mk3's 02A gearbox.The rear mount will need a bracket to fit properly. The only problem with the 02s is that is has no speedo mechanism... This is where the 02j comes into the picture as it has one... So the plan is to strip the 02j and then get a gearbox specialist to put the 02j's bellhousing (with speedo) onto the 6 speed 02s A Pic of the mk3 02A in the car...the winter was not kind to my GAZ shocks 02A out... The 02s needs a bracket for the rear mount....I made it out of 6mm steel. It was vital to get the holes for the bolts spot on. Once those two holes were drilled and the bracket was in place, I had to measure out the 2 holes for the rear mount to screw into.. Then create the thread for them... and finally attach the mount...
  12. Hi All! Remember me??? I am shamefaced to see that my last post was in 2009!! The car is on the road but the project is very much still ongoing :-) Here are the things I've done since my last update... I had some major running issues with the car. It would accelerate nice and fast in first and second gear but then would lose power and/or stutter. I figured it was something to do with the sensors or air getting in after the MAF...so I changed the N75 valve, the MAF, vacuum hoses, cam shaft sensor, cleaned the throttle body, checked injectors...etc etc etc...nothing resolved it so I thought it was the turbo... ...good chance to upgrade to KO3s :-) Turbo removed cracks inside KO3s I thought I'd fit a new exhaust manifold while I was at it...the old one had a few cracks inside This STILL didn't fix the problem, so I upgraded all the air hoses for SFS silicon hoses...with proper hose joiners and rally spec clips...the car looked bad ass! But still the car was running like crap...last port of call was to change the exhaust. I figured that the airflow was being restricted going from the turbo down to the Mk2 silencers and then the back box so I got a QPENG downpipe then had Powerflow make me the rest... 2.5" with a sports cat and silencer Night shot of my dash in full glow... Ok...SOOO....after all that money spent on sensors, turbo, hoses, clips, manifolds etc...I still had the problem with the engine running like crap. VAG-COM wasn't showing any errors which was frustrating. My last resort was to get the car booked in at AMD Technik in Essex. These guys had a good reputation for tuning and diagnostics, so figured I'd give them a try....and get a remap while I'm at it. The guys were true to their reputation! They fixed my problem AND remapped it to 210 BHP :) It was the first time I drove the car without it spluttering on me and WOW! I had a grin from ear to ear for about a month after I picked it up! The problem was the fuel pump I put in...it wasn't working properly and therefore was starving the engine on higher revs. AMD were fantastic...I can't recommend them enough!
  13. Banned driver

    Don't quote me on this, but you'll probably find that his insurance is void, so adding yourself to his policy will be pointless. Why not just get day insurance for the times you have to drive it - will probably work out cheaper than insuring it for a year. Try this for temporary cover: https://www.tempcover.com/ Kav
  14. Mk2 20v

    Good effort matey! You're certainly getting there! Can't wait to see it finished :-) Keep up the good work!
  15. Turbo/boost issues 1.8T

    Hello mate, Thanks for your reply. The O2 sensor is new and is plugged straight into the wiring loom. I'll see if the wire has been damaged at all. Would it not show up on VAGCOM if it wasn't working? I've also seen that people have had problems with their camshaft position sensors, but don't know if these have anything to do with the boost issue? Cheers, Kav