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  1. Tramlining at over 60MPH? Anyone advise?

    are the tyres all matching?
  2. Stripping seat bases.... Help!

    You'll have to convert them back to mk3 fitment by cutting and welding.
  3. Are these BBS lips salvageable?

    They've done you a favour losing them lol.
  4. Project Jam Rags to Riches

    Been after a set of these for ages! Porsche design 90 in 8&9j perfect! Can't wait to get them on, they'll do nicely as 'other' wheels as opposed to the BBS
  5. Mattie's 6n Polo 1.8 20 Valve Turbo Project

    Update pics from hooters?
  6. Cleaning split rim bolts.

    not to mention that you'll soon get sick of people pointing out that you've got the wrong bolts in your wheels.
  7. Cleaning split rim bolts.

    I'm not doubting the strength of the bolts, i'm doubting the fitment into the wheel... The head needs to be the right size and shape to fit into the wheel properly and spread the load.
  8. Cleaning split rim bolts.

    The bolts are the wrong shape mate, the load won't be spread properly. The wheels are supposed to have the proper BBS titanium bolts in, because the seat is correct and they're rated to do the job.
  9. Cleaning split rim bolts.

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Job-Lot-Of-Genuine-BBS-RX2-Titanium-Split-Rim-Bolts-/151163320851 thats the ones you need.
  10. Cleaning split rim bolts.

    They're the wrong bolts for those wheels, should have proper titanium BBS multi point bolts... thats dangerous to be honest!
  11. Project Jam Rags to Riches

    Aye I hope it looks good, lol, was pleased with how it sat on the schmidts, just need to get the same on the RS' and I'll be happy.
  12. Project Jam Rags to Riches

    8.5j front and 10j rear
  13. Project Jam Rags to Riches

    Picked up some GTi clocks I'll need to modify to make work, also have something special planned for the analogue clock.
  14. door wont line up after accident

    try and push the wing forward, it'll probably move.
  15. door wont line up after accident

    bet the jack has pushed the wing back when it twisted and fell, it'll just need aligned again.