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  1. 70_J

    Manila Green Mk1

    Great looking car mate, also got a Mk1 on gasburners Just needs dropping some more, J
  2. 70_J

    Project *time warp*

    I like the sound of this, complete the set dude J
  3. 70_J

    Roger's Beige Mk2 - Update 02-01-10

    poo the bed ! Can I borrow your oil can ? J
  4. 70_J

    1965 OG Bus

    Need to get the square finished for it ! Tatt is half done, will send you a pic across dude, J
  5. 70_J

    1965 OG Bus

    Dude ! Was hoping this would make an appearance on here ! Looking forward to cruising to Ninove with you guys next year : ) J
  6. 70_J

    Project *time warp*

    Looking foward to more power in this dude. Brake upgrade too J
  7. 70_J

    ..die Luft..

    Best response ever mate That piece of poo needed dropping on it's side to make me love it even more
  8. 70_J

    ..die Luft..

    "Just gonna make sure people behind can't see any daylight underneath it when i'm driving along." This car is insanely cool, even with some grinning northern tw*t sat in the passenger seat ......
  9. 70_J

    Project *time warp*

    Top weekend dude, some top camping / questionable bbq skills / random sat nav routes / quality cars. One of the very few pics I took - J
  10. Drove to work this morning freezing my bollards off, but didn't mind for some reason
  11. Quiet Jose Game, set and match on the Mk2 mate I'm all about no radiators now
  12. Yeah no worries mate, it'll be going away for winter in a few weeks so just give us a shout next time your about, J
  13. If you got onto Type 3&4 forum you might be able to find someone breaking one mate. Sure did Matt, in all its beige glory
  14. Good work chaps, it is indeed a Type 3 Variant "Squareback" - specifically a 1970 1600 Twin Port. After having this im done with water coolers for a while, other than my Mk1