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  1. Mk3 glass sunroof into a Mk2?

    You can get Mk2 glass sunroof's but from what I've seen they look like cheap aftermarket rubbish Sorry no help
  2. best master cylinder size?

    Loads of room
  3. best master cylinder size?

    I'm running a G60/16v 22.2mm with 280mm brakes, you could run the 8v one but the pedal will be low and a bit spongey, I got one from GSF think it was £30
  4. G60 rear arch's

    As above 7mm(ish) ..and yes you can still get rear g's if you know where to look?
  5. Damaged 1.3 mk2 golf fuel tank

    Both my '91 Gti is a 55l. if that's any help and you can still get tank strap's from VW think all 3 cost about £50-55.
  6. Sump's How Much?

    How much are sump's nower day's I've knacked my sump and she's dripping. It's for a 20vt AMK if that makes any difference? Thanks
  7. how do i upload images on here?

    Join photobucket copy your pic's onto your photobucket account when copy&paste the IMG code(the bottom one) into your post! simple.
  8. MK 2 wing mirrors

    Might of sourced some? if not I'll be in touch. Cheers big ears.
  9. MK 2 wing mirrors

    some modding and Bob's your Uncle.
  10. j222ajm black mk2

    SE3NE BOY Elesicar meet? I'll play out with you if you like? I'll bring the ABF when for a thrash today ABF;s rock
  11. j222ajm black mk2

    ^^^^^^^^ Bloody hell Rob, Looking Sweet as a nut
  12. MK 2 wing mirrors

    Yep! nice car think i'm only gonna change the mirror's and door handles(got mk 3 style plastic rubbish) 91 so late spec, Do they come as a whole unit? i.e. with the Glass or mirror whatever you wanna call it? Thanks BBT See you at some shows @ James V we'll have a babble about Bike's
  13. Still StaTTic Audi 8j

    These for me Defo! Nice motor !!
  14. Do you sell mk 2 mirrors n' how much for a pair? Thanks jim