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  1. Bbs RM stripped thread

    Done the same . Set of helicoil and never had a problem
  2. Apc and a detailing brush or harded brisal one.
  3. Aww ok... best place for it ha
  4. how did it break? you could always repair it. parts seem cheap and its easy stuff
  5. Mk2 golf won't start!

    Lol you put fuel in. As said got fuel although not checked its getting yo engine just hear it priming. Getting sttong spark at distributer but I dont think its right at the plugs seems abit slow. Going from google blow ecu or the thing above the ecu that controls spark?
  6. Beading

    Iv got jetseal101 and it dont seem to bead verywell nothing like my poorboyscwax am I doing somthingvwrong? Iv put two coats on by da
  7. im guessing you shaked the auto glym bumper care bottle lol. it can be runny when you dont. iv always used that and after a few coats it get better. i find the af stuff does not give as much darkness and wont last aslong but is easier to use
  8. Caddy 2k engine gone what's options?

    Easier to cut loses?
  9. Mk2 abf.

    have you cleaned the isv's out. iv had this exact problem and it was bad isvs, cleaned out with carb cleaner and wd40. also is your throttle body ok? clean and switches working
  10. Apparently there no longer made

    ebay. theres plenty around lol
  11. Apparently there no longer made

    water flange? iv probley got what you need iv got 2 spare heads/engines
  12. removing mk2 golf ignition housing

    your right utter pig. ended up smashing the old one out and undoing the screw that way then just sloted new one in and its in tight. but i tried getting the housing off with some heat and my freind though he would put the mole grips over the riged part at the end and nows its chewed and my wheels wonky so need a new bearing thing, where can i get this?
  13. removing mk2 golf ignition housing

    i think so