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  1. Mk2 caddy Tdi Van.

    It's imola yellow. Painted with compressor and about a 20 year old devilbiss gun. It's 2 pack paint aswell. I'll have a word with someone on there and see what's going on.
  2. Mk2 caddy Tdi Van.

    This is one of mine. Like you say it's no show car finish as mines a used and abused daily but it's a hell of alot better than it was when I got it. You on caddy forum? Loads of handy info on there.
  3. Mk2 caddy Tdi Van.

    Looks a good base. Not sure what that part is. My van doesn't have it fitted neither does my spare axle so probably just bin it. When I got my caddy the body was pretty rough. I painted it myself. Satisfaction of doing a pretty good job certainly pays off. Think mine cost about £150 to paint.
  4. Alpine White MK2 VR6

    Looks very tidy. I've just got myself a tornado red 3door vr6.
  5. More Door Mk2 Retro/Old Skool?

    What did you think to the nodiz ecu setup? Been looking at it for my 16v. I'm torn between running carbs and nodiz or itbs and microsquirt.
  6. Old Man BAM - mk2 sleeper an idiots guide

    Fitted my new subframe today so my old arb is spare. It looks in decent condition but Ill whip it off and give it a wire wheel to check its not pitted if your interested?
  7. Old Man BAM - mk2 sleeper an idiots guide

    No I haven't got a build thread. I might start one but I'm one of those who remembers to take pics when ive finished.
  8. Old Man BAM - mk2 sleeper an idiots guide

    Looks good. I've got painted parts all over the place for mine but only just started De seam sealering the bay. I'm pretty sure you can get the sticker that goes on the brake servo on ebay. The little touches that help. Edit. Ebay number 181699249770
  9. Fuel rail change

    Don't think so. A 1.8t fuel rail is the correct spacing but you need to change the injector seats in the manifold for the pb digifant ones then find injectors to suit. I'm using vr6 ones as I have a load kicking about. Then need to make mounts for the fuel rail to secure.
  10. Le Mans 2015

    I'm at tetre rouge. Only me and my bro in my caddy first time going. We're leaving Lincoln early hours weds to get the ferry Thurs morning.
  11. I was searching for some of these a year or so ago,ended up ordering from America. 20 bolts was about £29 delivered. They were the blackened Allen head 12.9 grade. From herehttp://www.allensfasteners.com/search_results.asp?txtsearchParamCat=85
  12. Mk2 g60 to vr6t project

    Turbo is a beast, what's it off?
  13. 2.5 tdi gearbox

    Anybody know if a t4 2.5 tdi engine will mate up to a vr6 gearbox. By looks of things 4 pot boxes don't fit and want to look at fitting a 2.5 tdi to my caddy.
  14. My MK5 GT TDi140

    See you the other day in Woodhall at the roundabout. I was in the grey caddy van.
  15. 20vt conversion

    Yer aslong as the mk2 has the ce2 fusebox it will plug in.