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  1. My Mk1 GTi

    Properly cool car Dom! Like I said the other night I wish I had one as a daily! Majorly envious! Rich.
  2. AGU idle issues

    Cheers guys! It's the standard injectors so I'm still at a loss....
  3. AGU idle issues

    Hi all, Have recently fitted an AGU to my mk3 golf it all starts fine but whenever you apply the throttle (even the tiniest amount) and the second you lift off it hunts between 400 and 800 rpm it will do this four to five times before settling back at idle revs. I am at a total loss and it's made the car undriveable, so any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  4. Mk3 Golf 1.8T Conversion Help

    Rubjonny you are a category A best of the best top gun style hero! IT RUNS! And hopefully once I lose the immobiliser it will work! Thanks for all your help so far people!
  5. Mk3 Golf 1.8T Conversion Help

    Have spliced most of that connector wiring in, my question is where do you put the fuel injector wire from the AGU? As on my ABF fuse board it says it's in plug G1 but there's no red blue there, and secondly where does the solenoid boost valve thingy wire go? As I guess the ABF will have no such wire?
  6. Mk3 Golf 1.8T Conversion Help

    That works! i'm a bit useless with wiring diagrams but hopefully this will help sort it thank you rubjonny
  7. Mk3 Golf 1.8T Conversion Help

    Cheers for the help, that page comes up as not found though??
  8. Mk3 Golf 1.8T Conversion Help

    I know the plug! Wondered what that was for, any ideas on how to splice it in and to where? Or what the pins do? Thanks
  9. Mk3 Golf 1.8T Conversion Help

    Pretty difficult to describe the wiring but to begin with I had 2 plugs from the AGU fuse board RED and WHITE I used various pin diagrams and wiring schematics to join as many of these wires as possible into the same locations on the ABF fuse board plugs, if that makes sense? I can't remember all of them off hand but for example I joined the violet/black AGU ignition wire from the red plug to the black ignition coil wire from ABF plug F. Hope this helps, if anyone needs to know anything specific in order to help then fire away!
  10. Mk3 Golf 1.8T Conversion Help

    Anyone else? Mat and I are mega stuck....
  11. Mk3 Golf 1.8T Conversion Help

    To answer the questions it's an AGU with 3 pin coil packs, cone air filter, ignition amp is present, fuse board wiring is a bit of an unknown, how many wires should be used from the agu loom?
  12. Mk3 Golf 1.8T Conversion Help

    I've read that it runs briefly before the immobiliser kicks in, mat hasnt even got a spark....strange
  13. Mk3 Golf 1.8T Conversion Help

    Do you need the ignition barrel or just the key?
  14. Help with my scooter not starting

    My brother had this problem it was water leaking into the HT lead where it joined the coil, could be that?
  15. DIY Chocolate Orange Mk2 - its painted!

    I live near near dunmow dude, had no idea such a massive prject was happening so close to home