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  1. Average price of machine polish.

    If you look in seat section mate I have a black Leon that I had detailed and looks well and didn't cost the earth to get it done and it was a mess before
  2. I bought a 2000 gti turbo now i had only had the car 2 days when engine managment light came on got a friend to vagcom it and he said that a lamba sensor 1 was down and also he said that the recirculating dump valve was knackered so i took it back to the garage where i bought it from they have still got it now but he has told me he has fitted a dump valve off a audi tt will this be ok and be compatable with my golf im not sure about this but he is also waiting for a maf unit for it now as the revs are still bouncing As anybody got any clues to this problem with the dump valve and the bouncing revs Your help would be kindly appreciated