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  1. Hey Guys, i would like to buy a Set of those Dare DRB. But i need some infos on em, is there anywehere in or on the Wheels some Wheelspecification stemped in ? Because i need these Info's, to get them signed in by the German TÜV. -.-
  2. My derv vento bus

    Looks good, but it could be a bit lower.
  3. 95 Silverarrow

    so these are the last pictures for 2012. i hope i can rock on some schmidt modern line in the next year and a bit of more low
  4. Lowered on Burgundy

    well done, buddy ^^
  5. 95 Silverarrow

    I was pretty bored in last time, so i changed few things on the Vento. before and now
  6. Filthy Diesel Vento!

    Thubs up i like it and the seats are awesome. i wish i could get a set of them, for my vento
  7. Filthy Diesel Vento!

    poor little Vento, it looks so sad in the picture..... and so fckn high
  8. Filthy Diesel Vento!

    Good work mate, now get them on the car
  9. 95 Silverarrow

    The size is 7,5x17 Et 20, but i sold them a month ago. sorry spuey.
  10. 95 Silverarrow

    Yes they are, but they pooked to much on front.
  11. 95 Silverarrow

    needs rolled fenders and after that, it goes a lot lower.
  12. Filthy Diesel Vento!

    Dafuq ? Now thats Low Absolutley love it
  13. Filthy Diesel Vento!

    Any Updates ?
  14. 95 Silverarrow

    just to keep this alive.... and some new wheels
  15. 95 Silverarrow

    Hey Guys, after i sold my green vento. I decided to get a new one, so here it is. Data: 2.slow Engine eltrical bla 109tkm on clock. to do : lower it ( now some more) some nice wheels (done) leather seats Pictures : Now and the new wheels for the summertime