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  1. E38X - MY PICS

    Yess DZ, very very nice.
  2. Dry's Jetta

    jesus this looks nice, i heard you saw/met tempz, im a jealous man. ill see you in the antelope next week/over easter innit
  3. flip. good job the new car comes today.
  4. oh sorry its 1986 mk2 golf. should i give it a jumpstart again? i really would have thought a charged/different battery would sort the problem.
  5. hello. had to jump start my car a few days back, and smoke was coming from my battery terminals and the other car that I had to jump start off. I tried to jump start it again, even more smoke coming out of the car batteries! not good. tried two charged batteries and it seems the car doesn't want to start at all now. could it be the earthing? how do i check this? is there an easy fix guide? Cheers Liam
  6. Orange wednesdays

    Sounds really weird, but dont you know ollie may? im pretty sure he was in hong kong this week, you must work for the same company?
  7. Oldskools mk3 - FOR SALE

    pics are on his flickr of the wheels and poop. they look cool, id post photos but it isnt my car. regards
  8. Chris' Seat Leon SE

    looks good. hope the coilovers do you well
  9. ok cheers, any size on the spanner ill have to use? or any other tools on that matter?
  10. thats pretty easy to fit too? as long as the timing markers are lined up should be a doddle?
  11. hello, just wanted to know if theres any advice on changing the water pump? I was driving along yesterday and all the coolant just came gushing out over the road and it looks to be a split in the water pump. just drain the cooling system and whip it off? it says in the haynes i need to turn the engine with a spanner, any ideas on what size one ill need? and any other general info would be cool, as i dont know what im letting myself in for. Cheers Liam
  12. Great show was spoiled

    cant believe this! amount of people that got robbed. will go for the day next year IF i attend, and will take note from most of the show car owners, and park it somewhere proper secure or go to a hotel. seeing some photos of even the show ground full of litter is not on at all. security needs a big re-think and just urghh in general really. good luck for next year and hope it doesnt happen to us decent folk!
  13. who won the car?

    lol another thread about milo? haha what can i say? his mrs says he deserves it! i fully back her for saying that, you gotta be in it to win it! he bought a ticket, and just got very lucky, its not a fix, just buy a few more tickets next year lads. sian hes 21, wouldnt really say hes young. roll on next years shenanigans about fixed raffle tickets .
  14. my mk2 -1.3c

    26k? you jammy flip. love the colour of the wheels, really feeling some sorta beige on mine.
  15. Project �99.....Mk2 5-door CL love

    neil i cant wait! after all the suspense, and the glass in your eye! ahah make sure you park it somewhere visible. PVW stand i guess?