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  1. Pepe's mk1 gx

    This has come a long way since i owned it! It's looking great bud, top work.
  2. Pepe's mk1 gx

    Nice to see this getting some love, those sills already needed doing properly when I owned it, but I am a LAZY man. Looking forward to updates.
  3. '83 Golf

    This should be very good when it comes together. Which coilovers are they? Was the red/black thing a coincedence?
  4. Project Black Hawk

    The dash looks good, reminds me of the interiors in U.S. spec Mk1s. Made any more progress?
  5. Mk1 Golf CL

    Same colour as mine! Yours looks like a good buy, I really like the strips on the doors, might steal that idea if you are going to get rid of them! Dunno bout the cabby bumpers idea though...
  6. mk1 t plate florida blue

    I think Mk1 Cabby GTIs have the 100mm driveshafts you're looking for, not 100% sure though.
  7. White Mk1 Project bone shaker

    The car is looking really good, I think the only thing that spoils it (and I'm being picky here) is the centre caps on the BBS, the cap sticks out too far and makes the fronts look odd (cap sticks out further than the amount of dish). A more flush cap on the front and you might not need deeper dishes perhaps?
  8. If you get low enough you'll not need to bother...
  9. mk1 t plate florida blue

    Back to black is rubbish, try boiled linseed oil, you can get in B&Q for
  10. I think this is an early one, with the indicators in the bumper and wings like the european cars. And this is a later one, with the indicators into the front wings
  11. Mk1 Golf GX

    Not too much happened here, coilovers have been wound down a bit more, duckbill has been swapped for the smaller version and I painted and fitted a new driver side front wing. I also fitted some new raised letter registration plates. Got some decent shots of it before the Retro Show last weekend, it rained the night before so this was the last time it looked this clean....
  12. Aj's 5Dr Mk1 build...

    I was watching this one on ebay, it looks right tidy. Good buy!
  13. Wheels/Tyres - man I'm confused

    If they are metric wheels/tyres (which with that tyre size on it sounds like they might be) then normal tyres will not fit no matter what you do. Have a read of this for info on metric sizes. The current tyres aren't slicks are they?
  14. mk1 golf/rabbit lovechild

    They're Alfa rims. The US bumpers look cool too.
  15. My Mk1 Golf G60 Homebrew style

    Ah I see, hope you got it for a good price!