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  1. sat night dance tent

    thanks to all those that attended the sik mosh pit on the sat night. banana man was amazing!! good stuff
  2. Sound of Silver (ish) - New Scirocco

    wrist exercise
  3. Rocco 20vT build :)

    this goin to be ready for edition?
  4. im back..with another mk3

    hi.. forgot i made this thread so been a while but not much ahs changed anyway. just fittted black cloth gti seats and had the windows tinted glad the golfs doin you well adz and yeah lowdowns allways turned out good motors. here are some more recent pics cheers
  5. mk3 wipers

    thanks for the word up. i think i may have one of those actually in the shed
  6. mk3 wipers

    my M reg vento wipers think its raining when its not. random times when they feel like it just turn on on mediumm speed. to get them to stop i have to just play about with the stalk for a while. whats goin to be the first thing to change or test if poss.. ??
  7. im back..with another mk3

    its not perfect but its in better condition paint wise than the mk3 rob
  8. im back..with another mk3

    cheers. i know its not storm grey cos thats what colour my golf was and its not nimbus either. ive not had chance to look for the code yet
  9. im back..with another mk3

    hi i sold this to adz on here a bit ago. build thread here http://www.edition38.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=196021 i bought a honda crx for a bit of fun but soon got bored of that and its up ofr sale on here now hahaha so i picked this up last night, its on coilovers and has a sub.. thats about it really cheers rik
  10. mk3 golf GTI, 16v conversion goin on

    it plugs into the vac pump box matey. oh and bump for this is now sold..
  11. cable change ,setting up

    if the syncos are worn wouldnt it crunch when changing down into 4th too?
  12. cable change ,setting up

    thanks thats a really usefull bit of info. ive had a little play with it but no matter how i adjust it 4th gear still crunches when goin in from 3rd. if i change down from 5th its smooth like normal. anyone got any ideas?
  13. cable change ,setting up

    ive got a mk3 golf 16v with cable change, and also converted the clutch to cable too, all the gears are fine but when goin from 3rd to 4th it crunches unless i let the revs drop then take it nice and easy into 4th. can i adjust the cable change to stop this or is there another problem?
  14. mk3 golf GTI, 16v conversion goin on

    all back together and running now
  15. mk3 golf looms

    yep the passat was an abf. pretty rare find to be honest anyway i went back to the passat and got the loom i needed for the lkights and got it all in the car. just needs plugging in now. then it SHOULD all work fine.