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  1. emailed had no repley wanting to enter my car
  2. Everyone else has one

    love this car should be winnin more than top 10 at shows mate
  3. Redders NEW ride.... Full rebuild.

    looking well suits them wheels better mate
  4. My New TTC, Wheel whore ADL E38 LOVER

    ad say this has to be the best tt about at the min keep it up man
  5. my e30 316 auto

    thanks jimmy a dnt no wht colour to do it a was thinking back to silver but then a was thinking red but me and my cars dnt last i always end up changing them
  6. my e30 316 auto

    its gonna get bucked in fr a respray m8 and realy just gonna be oem and low
  7. my e30 316 auto

    bought my self a e30 this weekend always wanted one so here goes its a 16 auto 1979 al let the pics do the talking big changes for this car a think as they not alot on the road these days well i dont see them anyway lol
  8. mk2 golf gti

    clean car
  9. DIY Chocolate Orange Mk2 - its painted!

    this must be the longist thread ever
  10. DIY Chocolate Orange Mk2 - its painted!

    what year did this project start lmao
  11. DIY Chocolate Orange Mk2 - its painted!

    is they any pics of this motor now after painting
  12. another mk2 golf

    nice motor oli
  13. BBM mk2 vr6

    nice car
  14. My Mk2

    i want this car
  15. j222ajm black mk2

    nice mk3 in the top pic