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  1. Mk1 G60 - T

    how did u get all the paint off so evenly? from the inner wings and engine bay?
  2. Car starts then dies

    Hiya everyone... Got a slight problem.... i have a 2000 x reg Lupo and when i start my car it turns over and starts and then dies pretty much rite away? Iv been told it could be the battery and im gettin that checked tomorrow... but just wondered if anyone else had any ideas... Thanks Jack
  3. Any one get any pics of mine at E38??
  4. Thank you very much and you use to own it how cool Lol thank you
  5. Cheers mate, come over and have a chat be nice to meet some new ppl as im kinda new to this scene Cheers mate means alot! im gettin orange stitching into the bonnet bra and i dont think iv ever seen an orange bonnet bra? thanks for the wheel comment That mate its gettin there
  6. By very similar I hope u don't mean exactly the same LOL
  7. Okay guys, so when i was at work having a sort out i stubled across more wheels and me being a bit of a wheel whore.... i just bought them... not gonna do any thing with them atm... hopefully put them on a proiject which im gonna do.... im not really sure whatbthey are all i know is there are 4x100 and have some serious dish! Mixed up some more paint for the mirrors Being primed... And painted... and finally fitted along with the wheels.... little teaser pic.... many more to come... will see most of u at the weekend at edition... Shall i put it in the show and shine??? Comments welcome as always
  8. Boxman's........ bolf, its painted!

    you goin edition burv?
  9. Boxman's........ bolf, its painted!

    one of... if not the sexiest mk3s i have ever seen
  10. There Is pics of the new wheels lol. The bright orange ones
  11. finally have adaptors on the way and tyres going on the rims on monday so by friday the rims will be on the car.... and i cant fricking wait
  12. gonna go 20mm mate as I don't wanna have the arches pulled to much
  13. Thank you... Yer it's not going to be to everyones taste but i'm very pleased LOL that would look cool but it's a lot of hassle There 15" with a 5x130 offset I think they are 7j but not 100% sure
  14. Me and my friend Richard (Snipes) decided to have a d ay of cleaning, polishing and photos with the cars, we washed both cars using some wash and wax car shampoo and polishish both using a machine polisher.... the moment we finished the skys opened and the rain came down..... typical!! After we had cleaned the cars inside and out i trial fitted my wheels We did get round to fitting the new bonnet bra thou and getting some really cool photos.. Comments welcome!
  15. Yer ill put them up asap... was a good day Thank you very much ....Yer i hope it all fits together well!