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  1. Mk3 Golf 20VT

    Strong work man, Remember following this build over on GlofGTI forum, a LOT of people saying you wouldnt go threw with the build. Good to see its happened and should look mint with fresh paint! Keep it up man
  2. Pimped A8

    Now that looks SICK! Definitely suits the stealth look!
  3. Chris's Red Mk3

    Good job on the lights.. Now buy a decent camera bro!
  4. You crazy boy... it a LOT!
  5. Chris's Red Mk3

  6. Oli's Mk3 Golf GTi Progress Thread.

    Think he ment the coolant bottle.. Cars come a long way fast, bay is poop hot! Keep it up
  7. The Un-h2o "Daily" mk4

    Ghetto Horwich.. Those pics are just at the top of my road haha Like the wheels blue but how about Matt Gold?!
  8. Newbie picking up Golf R32

    Such a nice colour, never seen it on a R32! Bet you cant wait for Friday to come
  9. steves mk3 vr oemstyle ftw!

    Any updates on this fella?
  10. Black MK1 Golf

    New wheels look seriously pimp Danny lad.. Still never seen this drivin about
  11. Car is lookin well and truly sweet as a nut Brad! Hope your good bro!
  12. Sub Of The Day Mk3 golf

    Any news with this bro?
  13. Indy's MK5 Polo

    Gorgeous colour and Gorgeous wheels.. Good work man!
  14. Sim's White Mk2.

    New wheels look sweet fella.. Got lots of potential this car!
  15. Oli's Mk3 Golf GTi Progress Thread.

    Good start man, plans sound good Dont suppose uv gotta part number for the mats