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  1. Lupo project - fresh paint

    Badge... off
  2. MOT Failure

    All sorted! Was much easier than I thought. I sprayed it again with some penetrating spray, then hit the adjuster rings and suddenly the helper and spacer ring popped up and back into the correct position. Now have a valid MOT, so I'm happy! Thanks for all the help!
  3. MOT Failure

    Despite the opinions that FK's are rubbish, I have to say that for me, these coilovers have served me well, up until now. They're around 5 years old now, and have definitely done the job for that time. I obviously know that there are better brands out there but at the time they weren't in budget. After I've got the car through my MOT I'll maybe consider upgrading, but the car was always going to be sold this summer so we'll see what happens.
  4. MOT Failure

    Retromk11, I understand you are trying to look cool by purposefully making sarcastic comments. I also like the way that you can base someone's intelligence on their ability to diagnose a problem with suspension. You might find this thread pointless, but there's going to be a time when you ask someone else a question that they find pointless. I've got nothing more to say about this. In the mean time, it's time to man up and grow some brains, because I'm such a fool and a coward because I don't know what's wrong with my suspension. Cheers for the advice !
  5. MOT Failure

    A bit of a pointless post. I started this thread because I wasn't sure what the problem was. Now that I've got the advice I need I'll go out and sort it. It has nothing to do with being manly or getting my hands dirty. Now go and take your boredom elsewhere.
  6. MOT Failure

    Yep it failed a couple of years ago due to a 'leaking shocker' when it was actual just copper spray protectant. Doesn't help that I can never remember which way to twist the rings to loosen or tighten!
  7. MOT Failure

    Managed to find some WD40 knocking about. Absolutely drowned the 'problem area' on all sides apart from the back where I can't get to. Hopefully it'll loosen up over night. I feel much more confident hitting the spacer ring with a hammer rather than the adjuster rings, as it's not on a thread so should go freely up and down and not break like adjuster rings are known to!
  8. MOT Failure

    Just been recommended this, http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_storeId_10001_catalogId_10151_productId_274625_langId_-1_categoryId_165594 Shock and Unlock, designed specifically to tackle rust and seized components!
  9. MOT Failure

    Cheers mate, thanks for all your help. In a worst case scenario, now that I know what the issue is the garage that did the MOT could always free this for me using a blow torch etc. Obviously gonna try and get it done myself tomorrow so I can walk in all proud and say I've sorted it
  10. MOT Failure

    Cheers, I really appreciate your input. I don't actually have any WD40 so will get some first thing in the morning to give it maximum chance of working throughout the day then I'll give it another crack tomorrow evening! I've got until Sunday, as I got this MOT done early. It's actually got a valid MOT until the 29th May so have 3 days to keep at it!
  11. MOT Failure

    I understand you completely now. So the process would be to douse in WD40, clamp the upper spring to relieve the pressure. Because the spacer ring is seized, even when the main spring is held up by the clamp, it still won't move, so what I'd have to then do is give it a few light taps with a hammer upwards and hope it frees off? I can't imagine any other way to budge the spacer. That's correct, they're on the 6N2. They are FK Highsports which have been on the car since January 2008 and were on another car for 2 years before that so they have held up pretty well! Ideally I'd get it through the MOT, then strip down and re-build as I'm selling the car this summer.
  12. MOT Failure

    Thank you for your response. So I think what we're saying is that the main issue is the helper has seized itself together? The actual damper and main spring, although quite dirty, are not at fault? I will have to re-build them in the long run or maybe buy some completely new front units.
  13. MOT Failure

    Is this to loosen the adjuster ring?
  14. MOT Failure

    Going back to the original question, could this be a damaged shock, or a dodgey main spring? Or is the problem solely related to the helper?
  15. MOT Failure

    I wouldn't be put off by the rust, as most shocks and springs are rusty, but I do think that there is a chance that they may have seized together. I tried to move the adjuster rings to give the helper a bit of lee-way, but I just cannot loosen them because there is so much pressure on them so they're incredibly stiff.