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  1. Mk4 golf tdi

    Hi I need the following work carried out on my mk4 golf tdi can anyone help? It has two faults, one is the turbo and the other is the radiator. Obviously will have to flush the system fully to try to get rid of all the excess oil. Located in Newcastle area Thanks in advance
  2. Any Car sprayers in Newcastle?

    Cheers m8 I'll pop in tmr
  3. Any Car sprayers in Newcastle?

    Is he expensive?
  4. Hi can anyone recommend a god car sprayer in the Newcastle area preferably in the Fenham area want to give the business to someone local. Thanks
  5. Schmidt centre caps

    Hi guys one of my centre caps from my Schmidt VN's has damaged clips to hold it on. Will other centre caps fit so I can just use the Schmidt badge to glue onto? They want £40 for set of 4 I only need one!!
  6. Standard mk4 golf speakers

  7. Standard mk4 golf speakers

    Hi guys are the standard rear speakers in a 3 door mk4 golf the same as the fronts? My rear driver side needs replacing and want to replace with genuine parts. Thanks
  8. Tyre advice

    Anyone run 225/40/18 on an 8.5j rim up front? Any issues?
  9. Tyre advice

  10. Tyre advice

    Standard arches running coilovers but not too low and can't see how close the 205's sit. Just thought 225's would be more comfortable and have a subtle stretch?
  11. Tyre advice

    Will a 225/40/18 tyre cause any rubbing issues on an 8.5j et30 Rim on the front of a mk4 golf? Currently running 205/40/18
  12. Removing wheel paint

  13. Schmidt splits

    If a 3 piece split rim like Schmidt VN's have the centres mounted from the back can you just undo the bolts and remove the centres without worrying about removing sealer and re-sealing? Want to recolour mine but worried about leaking air when rebuilt. Previous owner said this just want to see if anyone has experience doing it "very easy to split bud, the centres are actually mounted from the back so you just undo the bolts and the centre drops out leaving the barrel and dish still together" Thanks in advance
  14. Removing wheel paint

    Hi guys I have some split rims and the centres are painted. They look professionally painted question is can remove the paint to reveal standard alloy finish? If so would thinners remove paint and is it just a case of polishing the alloy to return to standard? Thanks in advance
  15. Mk4 paint problem

    Yeah Gunna take it back just wanted some thoughts as they'll probably say its my fault but rest of care is fine just re painted bit