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  1. ABF sticking revs when warm

    You'll need vagcom
  2. ABF sticking revs when warm

    Might wanna reset your basic settings as well
  3. ABF sticking revs when warm

    Check your wiring to the throttle body routes round the back of the intake manifold have had a couple with the wiring loom breaks
  4. Identify this stainless manifold

    8v 1.8 mk2 golf gti
  5. Cable actuated hydraulic clutch setup?

    is the clutch cable the same for lhd
  6. abf 4 branch manifold

    abf is going into a vento
  7. abf 4 branch manifold

    whats the best make 4 branch manifold to use on a mk3 golf abf engine without any clearance issues
  8. battery in the boot wiring

    i got a positive lead out of a bmw 325 take it thats ok to use???
  9. Project 13 Darkdoob

    lookin well richie are ya going rally spec ???
  10. Project 13 Darkdoob

    lookin well richie !!!!!!!!!!
  11. Crunchy reverse - vento td aaz

    sounds like reverse idler gear worn
  12. Flat Four

    haven't you got rid of that silver mk3 yet
  13. turbo's used on 20vt

    google reflex tuning ,there the crowd who done the vento coupe
  14. turbo's used on 20vt

    was lookin at the kit that reflex tuning do,plug n play, anybody used it ? or is it more used in the states
  15. Flat Four

    did ya put the seats out of the 1.8 into the vr?