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  1. Chino's 20VT Ibiza FR

    Where did you get your alignment done? I'm trying to find somewhere I can trust with my 320d
  2. Perfect. Makes me wish I had kept my VR
  3. Golf mk3

    The U.S
  4. Subwoofer Question...

    The Rockford will need to be in a suitable sized box to make the best of it, but yes it depends on the amp used to drive it
  5. Total audio noob - set up ideas

    Also, I'd suggest going for a second hand headunit, rather than new. That way you can get a lot better unit for your budget. Do they not do door pods for your car to allow you to run 6.5" mids and then put the tweeters in the dash speaker placements? Would sound a whole bunch better.
  6. Ported or Sealed?

    Tight punchy bass and less boot space taken up
  7. VR6 Storm

    I love a tidy 'rado, and this does not disappoint. I don't suppose a girl called Dawn works at your place with a clio?
  8. JL 10W0v3 in a ported box?

    philcookson box_zpsyo0pedeq by Phil Cookson, on Flickr This is what dimensions I am using with a 10" OZ Vector running at 2ohm
  9. Audi S8 D2

    Lovely motors these. Very underated
  10. My latest Avant - B7 A4 3.2 FSI Quattro

    Looks tidy. These a RWD or 4WD?
  11. Winters 225 quaTTro

    Looks lovely. Always fancies a 225 myself
  12. Why would you get the tracking done, then lower it, which will throw the tracking completely out?
  13. Heroic!!! Tas, you're a legend. Any ideas when you are looking to get this finished by?
  14. Mugly, the heater matrix on the Mk3 is a pain in the dick to do. It's like they literally built the car around it. Full dash out job, crashbar, heaterbox etc. I did mine after it failed and it's a job I wouldnt wish on my enemy
  15. Sixteen's 1990 Black OEM+ 16v

    Holy thread bump Batman