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  1. Daily Mk2

    Looks good! I would also like to see how your rear decal goes. Mine needs doing!
  2. My 1st mk2

    Few little things doe this weekend. Taken off the illegal pressed plates. As nice as they were I feel it just ain't worth the risk. All the speakers were original and broken or terrible so upgraded to these: Replaced all the gear linkage bushes, so now have a much nicer gear change and doesn't fall into reverse! Will be adding a weighted gear rod and te rod I broke the clip on in the week Oh and took the stickers off the rear quarter to see the full extent of laquer peel. Gonna need a respray quick! Wheels and coil overs may have to wait a little while!
  3. My 1st mk2

    Haha yeah i'm enjoying it a lot! Never had a car thats so spritely Yer thats the plan, the stickers have definitely got to come off!
  4. My 1st mk2

    Haha well maybe if we get bored Sunday.
  5. My 1st mk2

    Pretty sure its solid black. The only thing worn on the info sticker is the colour code! Yer I'm pretty set on ra's at the mo but anything that comes up looking good and cheap will probably persuade me Nice, yer will look out for you to. My mate has just got his mk1 on the road so may well end up at some meets soon. Sucks about the estoril's, ah well next time!
  6. My 1st mk2

    Erm due to minimal funds I was thinking bbs ra's. Ideally after the BMW e30's 15 x 7. Give it the OEM+ look! Or maybe just some estoril's. Haha yer, kinda bought it by accident after a bid was withdrawn on eBay guy selling was sound, but gutted to see it go.
  7. My 1st mk2

    Hi all, I bought my first mk2 golf couple of weekends back for the wholesome sum of £500! Absolute bargain as it has 6 months T+T to. I thought I'd start a bit of a project thread as I plan on keeping it a little while! Anyway, it's a 1990 8v GTI with 180k on the clock. Pretty straight with only 2 tiny dents. Biggest problem with it is lacquer peel on the drivers wing which has been covered in stickers. (will be coming off!) Only pic I have at the mo but will get more as work gets done on it! Plans are: Sort gear linkage Get paint sorted on rear quarter, lower part of doors and maybe bonnet Suspension and wheels See how it goes after that! What you all think?
  8. Part no. for N/S front Hub

    Yer just got one today with the bearing in all good condition. Thought there may have been slighly different variants of them but apparantly not! You used to have a mk1 golf didnt you Boo?
  9. Part no. for N/S front Hub

    Can anyone find the part number for a N/S front hub for my Bora? Its a 2.0 sport T reg 1999. Not sure what else you would need. Any help appreciated, i ruined some threads, anyway they can be rethread? or do i have to replace the hub?