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  1. 3m Paint Protection Film

    Any wrap is easy to install as long as you know what your doing. If its just a front film on the bonnet anybody can do that, its full bonnets that take a little more skill and time. I'd get film if I bought a new car, stone chips are a pet hate. If you've got a squeegee make sure you use the fabric side and not the rough
  2. anybody work for VW?

    I took my mam's Lupo radio to VW it wasn't even CD was just a tape that I was putting back in before selling it, they wanted £20! I told the wife are you mental it's not even worth £20 man... She came back a few minutes later and said they'd do it for free. I needed the V5 and that was it, if its not in your name just pretend your the named person, she didn't ask me for ID
  3. Engine Carbon Clean

    No idea why I wrote v6 lol, think it was due to just waking up and being in sleep mode. I've been telling my mate for over a year now to get his RS4 done but he never did, he's selling it now anyways so doubt he ever will. Get it rolling roaded then get it done, then again on the rollers see what it does? I got quoted £122 for my Range Rover to be done
  4. Engine Carbon Clean

    Few people I know have had it done and said it has made a difference. It's ideal on v6 v8 etc engines.Your B6 if I'm right is a v6 same as the RS4? So that should benefit from more power and MPG, if it's not coked up!
  5. Terra clean

    What car you got? My mates getting his rs4 done next week
  6. Insurance

    Insurance is always a joke when your young, my mates mate paid £19,000 to get insured on his Rs4 Cabriolet at 18, his mam and dad were minted though so that helped
  7. Audi s3 8p sprint blue

    Sold it on Thursday Mark, I would of put it up sooner but totally forgot. Just thought I'd share what I done with it, the plasti dip grill being the biggest change.
  8. Audi s3 8p sprint blue

    Well I bought this 4 weeks ago... I only changed a few things then ended up selling it the other day. It was a 2007 model s3 in Sprint blue as you can see (my second favorite colour in an s3, Solar Orange being number one lol), full Audi service history and a cheeky Revo remap. Here's a little video walk round and inside the car I did. When I bought it I really wasn't feeling the chrome grill with black badge so decided on plasti dipping the grill and putting the standard chrome badge on. (Oh and replaced the old reg plates, they'd seen better days) The tyres I don't think had EVER been cleaned properly or dressed so gave them a quick spit and shine If you watched the video you'll of seen the engine bay had been cleaned but was discolored so I gave the peanut butter a try and would you know! It worked. I did do the rest of the scuttle panel but ran out of peanut butter on my spoon.
  9. Get a good big drying towel I bought mine from cleanmycar I think the sites called £13 it was massive big yellow thing
  10. My lastest little extra, Skoda Yeti exhaust tips, £27.99 and free next day delivery, can't go wrong :-)
  11. so what do you do

    I might try this! I just make sure it's early so in case it takes allllll day. Has to be looking nice outside, defo no rain.
  12. Yeah my friend mentioned that, he said its fine if its just a one off thing to get rid of the built up dirt, that'll be 4 years worth. I'll keep ontop of them cleaning wise now, that was just to bring them back to life. I'm still impressed with the stuff, I only left it on for 2 minutes then blasted it straight off
  13. Well last night in ASDA I was searching high and low to find a detailing or half decent brush to get into my alloys... Ended up coming across this Wonder Wheels with free brush £2, I actually wasn't even bothered about the product the brush was worth the £2 to me (£1.80 with dicount :-) lol)... Anyways today I decided to give it a go and if it was crap just bin it, to my amazement it's really good stuff, I'm off for another bottle now. Ignore the filters on the floor I'm servicing my Dyson DC08 as the filters was a bit dirty. Wheels before Wheels after Before After I also tried a bit 5:1 APC on the wheel arches while the wheels were off... Before After Before After
  14. I hope the owner of that Cayenne got the dirt off straight away lol, my mate went off roading once in his L200 and left the mud on for a couple of days, nightmare getting it off. The car hasn't ever been washed properly, the bloke even said he never washes it, he said if he feels like washing it he'd take it to a car wash. I know for one thing it had never been clay bar in its life, I should of really got some pic's of the tar all over the video didn't do justice. Next on my list is Iron X which I should of used before claying it, but to be honest it was just a quick once over with the clay not a full on one. Just cleaned the rubber mats again but sued APC this time, they've came up quite good, still not brand new but I wasn't expecting them to.