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  1. 1980 Golf BRN

    I'm guessing that's just a mock up one in the pictures. Looking forward to seeing the finished article.
  2. 1980 Golf BRN

    Just stumbled upon this thread. Looks lovely. I like your idea of basically having its own standalone loom. Avoiding any series 1 fuse box worries.
  3. Come on. I want to see this on the road.

    Ha ha ha. She's not been driving long but still managed a 13.2@112mph at gti fest. Hardcore racer.
  5. Aviator TT first post pics

    And as for being that close... I was standing in the doorway to kfc at the time.. Just swang it across the carpark while the gym girls were flicking bean...
  6. Aviator TT first post pics

    Ha ha i will clean them when i get a chance. They are only my winter wheels...
  7. Aviator TT first post pics

    Karl saw your car at the wycombe meet. I have a confession. When you were looking at a super sweet mk3 on BBS i wiped my willy on your drivers door handle.
  8. Question for those running Toyo R888

    They were pretty good in the wet.. Just lots of standing water was a problem.Not so good in the snow.... I did kill a C.V joint in Green St of all places thanks to the sheer grip of them and me driving like a C**T! Ride and road noise (Hum) wasn't the best but they are a road-track day tyre at end of the day.... I got about 4k miles out of them too.
  9. Question for those running Toyo R888

    Are you bothered about "The Look" for a track day tyre???????
  10. Question for those running Toyo R888

    Pass... I'm not sure they make that size. Why don'y you use a 205 40? It's only an 8" wide wheel.
  11. Question for those running Toyo R888

    Cheers dude.
  12. Question for those running Toyo R888

    I ran a 205 40 17 R888 on my 7.5x17 rims. I have some pics. I'll ask a mate to post them up for me so you can see how they sat on the wheel..
  13. Rallye gearbox swap to 6speed

    If you want to use the 6sp O2M TT box you would need the matching rear diff and your rear beam converted to hold it plus a controler. Not really a hard job. Or you can send your beam away and get it done. To mount the gearbox itself you'd need custom front drive shafts and a new gearbox mount. Gearbox mount is pretty easy to sort. Nice strong box if you want to convert due to big power but a lot of hassle if you want it just for the extra gear...
  14. Mk2 20vt- GT35r

  15. Mk2 20vt- GT35r

    Thanks for advice. I agree. GT35R is for my 3 litre VRT i was just using it to trial fit my manifold as was pretty sure it was the same size as GT3071R which i'll be using on my 1900 20vt. I've seen the ATP mani. Looks as though it'll stick the turbo right in to the clutch M/C and brake servo. Have you fitted one before in to a RHD mk2? Thanks for advice.