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  1. scrapping a car

    thanks for that mike. will the car need to be scrapped with number plates to meet DVLA requirements or anything like that? cheers
  2. scrapping a car

    Hey guys. Im going to have to scrap whats left of my mk2 golf after it got written off in an accident. do all scrapards give you some sort of letter or something that proves that the car's been scrapped so I can notify the DVLA? also, i believe that they pay you to scrap cars atm. is it normally a price per Kg or something like that?? any idea what i can expect to get? itll probably weigh 600kg by the time i take out loadsa bits. cheers
  3. hey guys, im trying to remove the above alarm from my mk2 golf as i want to sell it. does anyone know where i start with this?! im only used to undertaking mechanical jobs on cars. i very rarely do anything with electrics and when i do its been very basic! if anyone could tell me where to start, itd be appreciated! the engine bay is already bare as the engine & subframe is out, so that might make the job easier...(all looms are still in the bay however) cheers
  4. so ive just racked up a good 1000 miles of motorway driving in my 2.0 8v mk2 running digifant within a week, and the past few times ive taken it out now, when i dip the clutch to change down a gear or to brake to a stop, the engine sometimes cuts out....it appears to only really happen when ive slowed down enough to want to change down to 2nd. on downchanges the car burbles and pops alot (got the idle and CO mixture set up by a garage 2 months ago so it should be set up OK - although it does smell of petrol alot.....) and i noticed that as i downchange and engage the gear (always appears to happen when changing into 2nd) that the exhaust sometimes pops alot and simultaneously the battery light on the dash comes on as if the engine is cutting out, and then as i fully engage the gear the engine kicks back in, however if i then dip the clutch then itll cut out.... when the car is parked with the engine running, i can blip the throttle really fast to try and get the engine to cut out, but it doesnt even come close to wanting to cut out....its only when im downchanging (aways seems to be going into 2nd)/coming to a stop that the engine cuts out, even then it only happens sometimes.... what kind of problems causes these engines to cut out? and why would it be occuring after my 1000 miles of motrway driving when it has never done it before? cheers!
  5. Hey guys ive recently taken an old engine out and would like to identify the spec of the cam thats in it.....can anyone explain to me what ill have to measure so that i can find out things like duration etc....im pretty sure its non standard as the car had quite some poke! it goes in a 8v mk2 golf. cheers
  6. vernier pulley

    is there much power gain from doing this though do you reckon?
  7. vernier pulley

    hey guys, for my mk2 golf ive got a gas flowed PB head and just got hold of a kent cam GS2H. ill be matching this to a mk3 2l (2E) bottom end. do you think i would i benefit from a vernier pulley at all...? ill just be running the standard digi setup if that makes any difference cheers
  8. Dynolicious on the iPhone

    yep, thats the one! so does anyone else think that the 0-60 & 1/4 mile readings would be quite accurate then?! plus, has anyone else actually USED it? if so speak up!!
  9. Dynolicious on the iPhone

    Hey guys, as title says..... also, how accurate do you think this software actually is?
  10. oioi! dude, put up the pic of henrietta with that ferrari, love that pic! looking at the pics again, the colour coding does look pretty decent, if anything it makes the car look more expensive...i think you should back to black the trim on the new one though at least, see what it looks like mint! was thinking, we should attack the steering rack ourselves perhaps...? dont mind giving you a hand! and my housemate matt is always keen on helping with car stuff too....... decided on her new name yet lol?!
  11. Ghetto/Rat/Hood Ride/Random MK3 GTi

    yeh man definitely change rear lights - at least see how it looks in comparison! them wheels are wicked btw, the red line around em makes the difference!
  12. Ghetto/Rat/Hood Ride/Random MK3 GTi

    haha very original man! loving the bonnet and roof! cant believe these things get done during drunk times though! i rekon though that the original rear smoked lights might go better with the rest of the car as it is...give it a darker look! cool car though, liking it!
  13. correct fuel filter?

    hey guys can anyone confirm if this looks like the right one?! cheers