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  1. new work van

    we've been looking for a works van for ages and eventually decided to get a caddy so last week we picked up a 2013 mk3 caddy facelift 1.6TDI hardly any miles on it but a couple little marks here and there already ordered new springs toucan mouldings with chrome strip spare bumpers and mirror covers to colour code going to dynamat everything in the back, wood line it and carpet it once its done and every things painted then we'll have the sign writing put on only issue we have is deciding on what whees to go for but theres plenty of time to pick a set
  2. X5 replacement, audi content

    as you would expect its not the most economical and since my work isn't far from my home I quote often see the MPG drop into single figures but on long distances it gets about 28mpg witch is pretty good after getting a pretty good use out of it so far I've found it to be a lot comfier than the X5 and much quieter inside too so I'm loving it
  3. After two years of owning my x5 I decided I wanted something a bit quicker,looked at quite a few different cars but in the end i decided that this was the car for me. Went to Derby to collect it and it was worth the trip,the car is in immaculate condition. Ive had the car a few months now and have been using it daily and I love it. sold this picked up this
  4. Polo 6n3

    not a whole lot to update yet, had all the glass replaced but the front screens keep coming with scratches so still waiting on one coming in. bought something this week that i'm hoping will bring the look a bit more upto date had some free time tonight so went and did some work, found a few chips and a couple little imperfections on the front bumper that annoyed me so fixed them all and got it in primer, get some time tomorrow and go get it flattened and ready to paint prepped for primer primed
  5. Polo 6n3

    back in again this morning, started to flatten some panels to get ready for polishing and refitted the bonnet and tailgate, everything still needs adjusted but makes it look more like a polo again glass going in tomorrow so will look better once thats done
  6. Polo 6n3

    thanks guys, quite glad I've managed to get it going again went in to see how it looked again today so now its time to start flattening and polishing the shell and get all the glass fitted on friday afternoon
  7. Polo 6n3

    well today we made alot of progress, no going back now, the white polo is gone today we got the shell completely stripped, prepped and painted along with the bonnet and tailgate. get some bits of it back together this week and ordered all new glass for it coming and being fitted on friday in the booth being masked tailgate bonnet and then we have paint I Love the new colour but i'm just hoping other do too
  8. Polo 6n3

    So after a rough year we're deciding to drag this out of its grave pieced together what was left lying around from this year and started to see were we can go with it so heres how it sits just now today we got it in the booth, primed the roof ready to flatten tomorrow and get some paint on it then if all goes well we can see the shell in paint by this weeks coming and now we have the roof painted and lacquered then flattened and re lacquered, going to start the shell on monday morning
  9. My mk3 VR6T

    such a nice colour dougie, well done on the win
  10. Polo 6n3

    due to some changes recently it wont ever be back to the way it used to look
  11. Polo 6n3

    well this isn't going to be finished how I wanted it to so time to bid farewell
  12. holy jebus I forgot all about the bootlid, still can't believe the mess they delivered it in looking forward to seeing how the hybrid bumper turns out aswell
  13. US Spec Polo 6n

    he can't type, he has no skin left on his fingers, as far as i know the bay is still in progress
  14. Polo 6n3

    finally got back to doing some work at last all the repairs are finished on the body, wheel arches done, quarter panel extensions done came into a bit of an issue with the wheels and trying to find a soloution quick pic
  15. Polo 6n3

    thanks, got a few updates coming shortly, awaiting some parts back from broony and still to send some more and wheels are back with the polisher to see if he can work some magic with them