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  1. High mileage remaps

    As above.. just get a mild map don't be getting a tune as if the car is new.. Tho the 1.4tsi's are a pain with miles on so get a smoke test done first make sure there is no air-boost leasks Mapping is £240 Smoke test is £45.00
  2. Scott's static Audi A1 S Line

    sure it will polish out lol..
  3. Scott's static Audi A1 S Line

    Love it mate.. !
  4. mk4 golf 1.8t idle dropping and turbo lag

    Boost or air leak.
  5. Viabration after remap

    As above DMF.. Get the TQ dropped down but its only a matter of time till its back.. Wear and tear.. etc.
  6. 1.8t 180bhp - retarding timing

    Get a smoke test done make sure there is no air leaks in the system..
  7. mk5 golf tdi turbo

    Its on the way out.. I would changed it before it goes pop..
  8. Remapping a fairly high mileage pd130

    Stock PD130 make 1.35bar of peak boost.. A car under 100k we map to 1.55 ( 175hp ish ) Mild map will be 1.475 ish of boost just watch clutch and turbo seals tho.. Cost is £240.00 Thanks
  9. Polo TDI Fuel Consumption

    As above change the temp sensor as the gauge is more to do with the thermostat . If the car thinks its colder than what it is it will over fuel the car... = Poor mpg
  10. Pd 150 smoke on start up

    Poss boost leak.. PD150s have a hard pipe going to the top of the intercool , make sure its not cracked.
  11. 2.0 Tfsi updated Diverter Valve

    Get the one fitted to the later TSI cars like a MK6 GTI There a piston type and not that much from the dealers
  12. my 267bhp caddy van

    To get 240hp is hard work ! Pd150h/b turbo running over 1.8bar. ! change the injectors as the stock 1.9tdis wont fuel for that power.. ! let alone all the other bits, clutch, FMIC de cat etc etc.. Looks more like a PD105 with a map.. It would rev out a lot faster than that too...
  13. Candy White GT-I/R

    Thanks again mate.. Looks awesome in the flesh ! Mike
  14. 170 cr tdi dpf removal

    have a chat with Unit 18... 01933 665592