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  1. Lovely car to work on...had the wings and quarter panels pulled, and painted to accommodate the wheels properly. Also some lovely some lovely carbon touches. Will try and get some more pics up to show the carbon details.
  2. Doeys Mk4 4Sale

    Doh.....double post
  3. Doeys Mk4 4Sale

    PHAT Love it, glad it came together as you planned..... Catch up soon.
  4. Grande Gti MK5 Gti page 119

  5. Grande Gti MK5 Gti page 119

    Looks good....
  6. My VR6 Charged

    Miten looks smart.....being honest though, i dont like the headlights! Reminds me of the same colour scheme on a mk3 with that colour leather interior a good while back..... Look forward to seeing it in the flesh....
  7. Project Chiken Wire

    Chris you already know my thoughts.....stunning Turn around and quality of work is spot on......top job TUK!
  8. my vr6.....

    Phat mk3......will be even better!
  9. Good catching up the other day....mk2 looks sweet, lowness!
  10. Here We Go Again...

    This looks f*#king sick!
  11. Looking sweet.....love it on the steelies!
  12. Grande Gti MK5 Gti page 119

    Can't wait to see the new additions......
  13. Glad to hear things are moving forward! Love the fact you put splits on for the winter, and blue.....