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  1. Mk2 TFSI

    This is amazing. Keep it up mate.
  2. DAB aerials

    I've just fitted this to my MK2. Connected it to an Alpine H/U and works a treat http://caraudiosecurity.com/dab-a1-interior-windscreen-mount-dab-antenna
  3. London Bodyshops

    Try out 'Terry's Beatles'(Luke) in Eailing. His work is FAB. You could also try 'VW Technik'(Buphinder) in old Southall. Both are really nice people.
  4. MW not working

    I fitted a new Pioneer BT60u headunit to my 97 Highline. But the MW radio doesn't work any more, FM works fine though. Any ideas peeps.
  5. Smoke coming from behind steering wheel?

    Used to happen to my mk2. It was the grease on the back of the steering wheel that burns. Nothing to worrie about. I took my wheel off and re greased it all up.
  6. VR cranking alot before starting

    Plugs were only changed a few months back.
  7. Vibirating noise wen i change gear?

    When was the clutch changed. If it's old then it could be the release bearing. You can check this by listening out for a noise. Start the car and keep pressing and releasing the clutch and listen out for a noise. If you can hear the change in sound then that's the bearing.
  8. VR cranking alot before starting

    No fault codes on vag com. One thing I haven't said is that when mine is trying to crank if I dab the throttle it fires up faster than if I don't. That's the only thing that points me towards a fuel issue.
  9. VR cranking alot before starting

    There is obviously a problem whit these long starts. Could it have anything to do with the fuel pressure regulator or the coil pack?
  10. VR cranking alot before starting

    Mine does this. Can't work out what the problem is. I've changed a few sensors but made no difference.
  11. Bonnet lifters.

    Is this the same for the mk3 or do you have to drill holes.
  12. Hub adaptors

    Ok i'll check the radius in the morn but that picture is with the bolt needing about 1 1/2 turns more to be tight. s it a good idea to lock thread the hub adaptor bolts to the hub? or is that overkill.
  13. Hub adaptors

    Just about to fit some FK hub adaptors to my mk3 highline. But just needed to know if my bolts are long enough. I'm using my standard bolts form the mk3. Here's the picture of the wheel and adaptor.
  14. Once you get to around 800 grit should you start doing it as a wet sand up to 2000 then move onto polishing mops?