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  1. Nav_lall

    DAB aerials

    yes it is mate. But it hasn't made a difference to my signal. Technically it's not touching ground at the moment and I have no signal issues. The 1 time I had an issue it was caused by a cheap 12v USB charger. For some reason it stopped the DAB from working. But i have bought a DAB Bee sting now. Just waiting for my extension cable to turn up to connect it up.
  2. Nav_lall

    Mk2 TFSI

    This is amazing. Keep it up mate.
  3. Nav_lall

    DAB aerials

    I've just fitted this to my MK2. Connected it to an Alpine H/U and works a treat http://caraudiosecurity.com/dab-a1-interior-windscreen-mount-dab-antenna
  4. Could you please unblock me. I would like to post something in the for sale section.

    Sorry if I haven't followed rules in the past.

  5. I'm in no rush to sell. If it doesn't sell i'll tax it and keep it.

    Thanks for the intrest.

  6. ur asking quite a bit. you dnt really have any s/h, chains arent done. lower rear bumper platic broken. scrape on rear drivers side arch.

  7. Nav_lall

    London Bodyshops

    Try out 'Terry's Beatles'(Luke) in Eailing. His work is FAB. You could also try 'VW Technik'(Buphinder) in old Southall. Both are really nice people.
  8. Nav_lall

    MW not working

    I fitted a new Pioneer BT60u headunit to my 97 Highline. But the MW radio doesn't work any more, FM works fine though. Any ideas peeps.
  9. Nav_lall

    Smoke coming from behind steering wheel?

    Used to happen to my mk2. It was the grease on the back of the steering wheel that burns. Nothing to worrie about. I took my wheel off and re greased it all up.
  10. Nav_lall

    VR cranking alot before starting

    Plugs were only changed a few months back.
  11. Nav_lall

    Vibirating noise wen i change gear?

    When was the clutch changed. If it's old then it could be the release bearing. You can check this by listening out for a noise. Start the car and keep pressing and releasing the clutch and listen out for a noise. If you can hear the change in sound then that's the bearing.
  12. Nav_lall

    VR cranking alot before starting

    No fault codes on vag com. One thing I haven't said is that when mine is trying to crank if I dab the throttle it fires up faster than if I don't. That's the only thing that points me towards a fuel issue.
  13. Nav_lall

    VR cranking alot before starting

    There is obviously a problem whit these long starts. Could it have anything to do with the fuel pressure regulator or the coil pack?
  14. Nav_lall

    VR cranking alot before starting

    Mine does this. Can't work out what the problem is. I've changed a few sensors but made no difference.
  15. Nav_lall

    Bonnet lifters.

    Is this the same for the mk3 or do you have to drill holes.