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  1. 1980 Golf BRN

    That colour, bumpers etc are perfect for a 5 door. Was that the original condition? Or had it been restored before?
  2. ABF + ITB + Nodiz

    Aa above, Nodiz just controls the spark. You'll need a proper ECU that controls spark & fuel, e.g. Megasquirt, DTA, Emerald etc etc. Location is helpful when asking for recommendations
  3. 1.8 16v/2.0 16v fuel rail

    The KR "ECU" only deals with the ignition timing, the fuelling is all done mechanically by the metering head. So, if you want to have electronic fuel injection you're going to have invest in an aftermarket ECU - Megasquirt, DTA, Emerald etc - and all the stuff that goes with it. Plenty of info on the net about that.
  4. 1.8 16v/2.0 16v fuel rail

    There isn't a standard KR "fuel rail" - KRs (as standard) run on K-jet. Are you still running K-jet or do you have some kind of efi set up already?
  5. Recommend me a single din headunit

    Usual 4x50W power. Unit was bought Feb 2016 and used for about a month in a Scirocco, then boxed until December when I tried it in my mk4. I couldn't get a decent radio signal in the mk4 so sent it back under warranty in January. They checked it over and said it tested 100%. Meanwhile I'd bought a cheap Kenwood and the Alpine is back in it's box. Like I said you're more than welcome to test it - it should only take a few seconds to plug it in. I'm in Hinchley Wood so not far at all. Price is £100.
  6. Recommend me a single din headunit

    I have one of these sitting unused - https://www.alpine.co.uk/p/Products/cd-head-units19/cde-178bt You're more than welcome to come try it out - presumably you're not that far from Kingston/Surbiton?
  7. Surrey meets

    I'm sure they all will. Unless the car has Lenso wheels....oh wait
  8. Surrey meets

    There is monthly German car meet at the Krispy Kreme in New Malden hosted by "fourinstance" - look on Facebook Berkshire mk1 Golfs (Facebook group) meet on the 3rd Wednesday in Maidenhead Club GTI London meet at Style Dynamics in Hayes on the last Sunday And a Scirocco Register (although all VWs welcome) meet in Bookham each month on the 2nd Wednesday at The Windsor pub
  9. Bbs lenso

    Tapered. I just sold a set not long ago - they were supplied (by stanceworks) with a set of new tapered bolts.
  10. Ah, got my 20mm spacers through your ebay shop last month - top quality & service, thanks!
  11. Just sold my venom pcd adaptors - no issues with quality - very good snug fit on both the VW hub and Porsche wheel. No problem with the bolt threads either,
  12. UK stereo in US

    It'll work as their cars all work on 12v the same as ours. I'm not sure if they have ISO connectors but I would imagine so. The only real problem you'll have is that the radio bands start and finish at different frequencies so you'll miss out certain stations altogether - and signal separation isn't brilliant as there are so many stations.
  13. 79 Mk1 Scirocco project

    Good progress! Looking forward to seeing the end result. I notice you removed the battery tray - are you planning to put the battery somewhere else?
  14. Wheel ID needed.

    Odd coincidence - I was laughing at this ebay ad yesterday http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AUDI-R-LINE-ALLOY-WHEEL-17-INCH-/222407632297
  15. Mk1 Scirocco - 3rd time lucky.

    Race mode