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  1. Mk1 Scirocco Small Block Chic

    Saw this at fitted and was really impressed. Sometimes cars look better on forums then in reality but not this.
  2. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 8v - Back To Basics

    Great picture, stunning car
  3. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 8v - Back To Basics

    Does the separate piece actually tighten onto the hub?
  4. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 8v - Back To Basics

    Look well made. How do they work with the loose part?
  5. Re-drilling wheels for PCD

    I'm having the scallops on the back machined off, it's only 6mm
  6. Re-drilling wheels for PCD

    Watfields also manufacture adaptors, they quoted me £220 to £230 for a set of 5x114.3 to 4x100 20mm adaptors
  7. Re-drilling wheels for PCD

    It's watfields that have quoted me and its £240 for the 4 wheels to be drilled and skimmed and also to supply the spigot rings. I'm welding the wheels at work.
  8. Re-drilling wheels for PCD

    I'm having my RS's plugged, welded, re-drilled and then the backs machined flat. mine are RS174, the raised surface is only 6mm so not a lot to take off. I considered adaptors but pushed the wheels too far out.
  9. Wheel offset calculation checks

    Looking at your table, if you have a 6" barrel and a 0.5" lip, the wheel will be 7" wide not 6.5" If you add 1/2" to the dish and use a spacer that's 10mm narrower, your wheel will sit 10mm closer to the suspension strut and the outer dish will poke 2.7mm further out then it does now. I wouldn't worry about the offset value.
  10. Wheel offset calculation checks

    are you face mounting the centres? there's 1/2" to consider in the width if not.
  11. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 8v - Back To Basics

    Mine aren't flat backed so having them welded at work then sending them to have them re-drilled and the backs machined flat, only needs 6mm off. Appreciate it if you could give me first refusal on the 1/2" dishes.
  12. Pearl Grey MK2 GTI 8v - Back To Basics

    Looks perfect, would probably be interested in the dishes if they are 1/2" wide. Have you thought of having them welded and re-drilled? Good way to get a deep dish.
  13. Mk1 golf gti offset question please.

    16's then... All mk1's on 17's that look good seem to have Wheels no wider then 7's on the rear and 6.5's n the front. Offsets around 45 to 60 so well tucked.
  14. It all started from a shell,

    Thanks, looking forward to updates! I'm using this for reference whilst I'm prepping mine.
  15. It all started from a shell,

    Looks like a great job, I'll look great in colour. Is that a high build primer?