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  1. Window Tints on the front

    Last year at MIVW there was a M3 with all windows tinted included his front screen. It look mean as! Wouldn't fancy trying it here in the UK tho
  2. Et 35 or et45

    agree 45 is better option. 10mm spacers if you want on rear to give it a little staggered look.
  3. Aint got a clue about products, but that bike looks sick!
  4. Airlift 3H - Opinions?

    3H does look good, and id like to try it over v2 but the cost for me isn't worth it. Ive also read that e-level is still the better height based system. this was from a installer. But guess its user preference.
  5. What cars do Recaro CSs come in?

    CS's come in landrovers, i believe the clio 200 or whatever and in focus rs's and also lotus, theres normally a few on ebay out of lotus's Keep a eye on ebay as they do pop up now and again tho your looking at £1000 or so realistically.
  6. e-level or airlift v2

    I've heard more issues with elevel than I have with v2. Also drawbacks of elevel is the extra work to install and the fact there is no way of seeing pressure without some form of gauge. I'd wait to see what v3 brings as I bet that's gonna be killer
  7. Leather seats trimmer

    Contact Dan @ Lavish http://www.lavishautomotive.co.uk Based in woking did my CS's and its a top quality job such a nice guy as well!
  8. Worthersee 2016

    Also wanna go back next year. We left the monday before the show and the sunday night velden was dead. No cars parked up at all, luckily only that night was dead, but will deffo go earlier next year.
  9. Touran GTI

    incredible is this! such a cool car and top work!
  10. Getting excited for this now! Arrive in velden on the 5th got tunnel on Monday and stopping in Frankfurt Monday night! Will deffo hit up the edition meet on Wednesday!
  11. 3D printing interior bits?

    I have a 3D printer, and have a v2 mount in my car that i designed and 3d printed myself. Also have done one for my friend in his mini. Ill try find some pictures to put up, its cool but printing is very slow and time consuming. I could maybe have a look at it for you although i wouldn't be able to do anything now till after the 16th as I'm going to worthersee.
  12. Got breakdown cover with adrian flux think was £63 Come in handy for worthersee and MIVW Leave on the 4th in velden 4-11th can't wait!
  13. Not long now! Leaving the 4th in Velden 5-11th
  14. Craig Levens Brandywine golf won a top25, best install and best interior. Plush's other halfs mk5 won a top25 Gareth Spiller won a top 25 thats all i can remember
  15. MIVW 2015?

    Neil have you booked the hull ferry? If so how much was it in end?