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  1. Pd juddering still

    Have you investigated the no boost pressure fault vagcom came up with? Do you have any leaking intercooler pipe work, or is the intercooler itself leaking? Does it smoke when accelerating? Have you checked the boost pressure sensor G31/intake air temp sensor G42 (2 sensors in one) and wiring? Check using measured values, boost pressure with ignition on and engine off against ambient air pressure sensor F96 (internal pressure sensor in ECU) should be around 1000mbar with an allowed tolerance of 50mbar difference. Is the engine timing spot on? Take off the cam cover and inspect the cam and hydraulic lifters for wear also inspect the rockers for the injectors, the adjustment screws need to be set correctly also. Are the parts you have replaced all new or are they used items?
  2. Polo 9n gearbox leak... Pic included.

    those round things hold your selector forks in place and should have an o-ring on them. should be ok to unbolt one at a time to replace the o-ring. be aware that oil will pour out once its undone.
  3. Air bag help

    the airbag control module is located under the dash in the centre at the front of the exhaust tunnel. i think they are around £200 and need to be coded. try erasing any fault codes in your airbag control unit first, if they wont erase, especially 'crash data stored' fault code. then a new control unit is needed.
  4. MK5 Golf BKD Turbo Issues

    you could always get a turbo from euro car parts or GSF, same garret turbo, but about a third of the cost of a genuine vw unit.
  5. check the bulkhead isnt rusted or split where the cable goes through
  6. Mk5 jetta door won't unlock...

    also if you get a plastic wedge between the window and outer door skin and insert a long screwdriver and give it a whack while somebody presses the central locking button on the drivers door, use this method if it wont come undone at all, works every time for me. the lock will only get worse and only open less and less.
  7. can anyone tell me what this means

    no this means your cat is working below its efficiency level, could be an airleak, lambda fault, air mass meter fault or the cat itself
  8. Mot passing!

    Even if a very low car can get on the ramp, but the jacking beam cant get under it, it could still fail on 'items not tested', like wheel bearings, suspension etc.
  9. Bora ABS issue

    sounds like the hub with the abs ring on it isnt pressed far enough into the bearing making the ring and sensor gap greater than 1mm
  10. Pulley with Flange for A/C

    you will have to buy a compressor, the pulley isnt available separately
  11. dsg boxs

    yeah should be able to, will have to recode the steering wheel electronics ecu and possibly the dsg box ecu. this will have to be done on vagcom.
  12. MK4 central locking

    have you had it checked on vagcom to see what or if any fault codes are stored? convenience is located just above the relay plate on the drivers side.
  13. Remapped MK5 GTi - 'hesitation' after DSG gear change.

    get the DSG remapped just like jabbalad said, although the engine is producing more power the gearbox doesnt know it, its designed and programmed to work with stock power levels. The fault could even be a faulty mechatronics unit within the gearbox, even though there may not be any fault codes stored in the gearbox memory.
  14. How to immobilise my car?

    unplug the 10 pin connector on the side of the head for the injectors it wont start then!
  15. removal of headliner and pillars

    Disconnect the battery first before starting any work with an airbag, then take your time undoing grab handles and sunvisors and pillar trims. Once the headlining is down can you get it out and back in without damaging it? Might be tight squeeze.