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  1. MIVW 2016 August 6th

    well in my opinion they should confirm that,not only we waiting,prob half of europe too
  2. MIVW 2016 August 6th

    so happy to be own boss to no need to mess with sorting out weekend off,looks like i need to book hotel
  3. MIVW 2016 August 6th

    thought they said last year "see you next year"?really enjoyed 2015K show
  4. Worthersee 2016! 4th - 7th May 2016.

    to not miss anything you need to go there for 6 weeks,as some ppl go 3 weeks b4 and some week after,i went there last year just for one day as same as you i promised myself every year that i'll go,but as always work work work blabla,and if i had to go again for one day,i'll go this year booked hotel for 7 nights so will defo see more than last year year
  5. Worthersee 2016! 4th - 7th May 2016.

    23-30april booked last month at faker am see
  6. audi a6 sump

    find some1 with etka and get correct number,then order right one.
  7. audi a6 sump

    there is few on ebay,did you checked part numbers??
  8. 2006 audi c6 avant power!

    put 170bv43 on it and you'll see over 200bhp and 400nm,inj can stay,turbo is P&P
  9. Tebao Air Suspension reviews and technical help

    Maybe try some brazilian forums?dont think any1 deal with them here in uk?AirRide market in england is very good and full of stuff so no need to deal with Tebao AR,Also why dont you get airlift for yr ride?
  10. a4 1.8t 2003 190hp

    no problem mate i have them in mine both cars,looks OEM
  11. a4 1.8t 2003 190hp

    change bulbs for 4300K and you'll b happy.HIDs are aftermarket version of xenons,so not OEM equipment
  12. Mk1 R32

    nice one mate!!!have to re-think to put back 1.8t in mine now hahaha have it handle well with VR?
  13. Audi RS4 - Project stealth

    so much better,them wci was worst set you had!
  14. Mk1 Golf Gti - Project

    this one defo will be special one,no ebay coilies and dare rs wheels for sure!!big respect for work and monies you spend itno it!good luck what sort of power you expect form abf?seen forget rods and friend of mine had 400bhp in his ibiza with stock engine and hx35 holset.cant wait to hear this beast!!
  15. Worthersee 2016

    this year i went just for the weekend (i no crazy!!!) but next 2k16 defo going for whole week,2 weeks b4 offcial,the look of velden at 9pm when we just arrived will stay in my head for long time!!Been there 1st time,defo not last