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  1. Manchester? Kowalski Details does mine. Can't recommend them enough.
  2. Dub Fiction Show 2013 - 14th July

    Thanks to all those that came on Sunday. We've had a lot of great feedback and are already planning for next year! The white mk6 is Robert Fish's. It's a Bluemotion
  3. Dub Fiction Show 2013 - 14th July

    We open the gates for show and shine at 8am. See you there!
  4. Dub Fiction Show 2013 - 14th July

    We have general classes for VW, Audi and other. In total 23 trophies
  5. Dub Fiction Show 2013 - 14th July

    It's going to be a great show @watson9003
  6. Dub Fiction Show 2013 - 14th July

    Three weeks off now folks! We're getting excited!
  7. Dub Fiction Show 2013 - 14th July

    The show is open to everyone. Just show up to enter show and shine.
  8. Dub Fiction Show 2013 - 14th July

    We're really looking forward to this.
  9. The Dub Fiction Show 2013 - 14th July We're pleased to announce the date of our first show on Sunday 14th July at Bakewell Showground (DE45 1AQ) in sunny Derbyshire. We want our event to be a relaxed family event and have bouncy castles and a wide choice of food available. Of course Bakewell itself is a lovely place to visit and bring the family too. The showground area itself is nice and big with separate show & shine/display area, trade and club stands. Full details in the flyer below. Feel free to email us or message us on the Dub Fiction FB page if you need to book a trade or club stand. We look forward to seeing you all there!
  10. G140SE - Alpine White Mk2 Golf GTi - RC

    Ooh one to watch. Gonna look great on those wheels mate.
  11. The Phantom Menace

    Car was looking mighty fine yesterday Chris. Was wondering if you got back ok.
  12. Alex's Red a3 Sportback

    I'm sure me and Sam won't charge you a penny for the ideas Alex
  13. Alex's Red a3 Sportback

    Yes Sam, chrome against the red. Polish the centres too. Get that lovely interior sorted. Get the tinted windows off to show it off. Etc
  14. Jays Airlift A4

    Great photos (composition and subject!) but are they low-res versions Jay?
  15. Alex's Red a3 Sportback

    One day you'll get it Alex