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  1. Post up a thread on 911uk.com Its a good forum and you'll get an answer fairly quickly I'd imagine
  2. MK1 Tdi powered Berg track machine

    This is going to be awesome
  3. AF Tripple

    Used some tripple yesterday for the first time, very impressed. Easy to use and great results.
  4. My Mk1 Golf

    Looks great, nice work!
  5. Still StaTTic Audi 8j

    Looks awesome on the db9's
  6. 8J Coupe

    That looks awesome! Love the concave on the rears
  7. Such an awesome car. A 993 is definitely a car i have to own at some stage.
  8. Operation A3

    Saw this earlier on tonight, looks real good
  9. Looks really good fella!
  10. Operation A3

    Campolova grey is an awesome colour. Good choice
  11. 1999 mk4 golf v5 pickup?

    This is awesome, are you going to be at early edition with it?
  12. Belated hello ...

    Nice, 993's are the best 911! Will own one some day.
  13. I always wanted windy windows....

    Yeah actually thinking about it i'm pretty sure i never had emissions tested on my old mk1 or mk2... its been a while though so could of changed?
  14. I always wanted windy windows....

    Its a mk1, got to expect a few problems come mot time really. Get it sorted and back on the road, cant beat rolling around in a mk1 in the summer