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  1. My mk3 VR6T

    Really liked this at UD, lovely mate.
  2. Lovely Vick, went out in one of these (albeit a saloon) for the first time last weekend and couldn't believe how awesome it was. One day I will own one, so much car for the money these days too.
  3. Baby Got Back....

    Loving this still
  4. What, if any, genuine MK2 Golf panels do you guys still have available or are they all repro? Cheers, Alex.
  5. Schwartz Black MK2

    Well they're just sat there doing nothing mate, going to get the wheels dipped and powdercoated / painted so don't need the dishes for that.
  6. Schwartz Black MK2

    Well let me know first if you do dude! Need to have a look at that polishing kit you mentioned, problem is I'm so fookin lazy I think I'll get half way then give up
  7. project foxy

    Gotta agree with this man I'm afraid. When I saw the wheel colour I was hoping the car would be Black or White. Wheels need to be silver dishes with red centres for me. Like what you're doing though, my Mrs would love me to play with her lupo but expects me to pay for it all too
  8. Schwartz Black MK2

    Sell me your seats.
  9. my caddy 2k

    Love this
  10. project A3,,,,DUB low life!

    Love this, are the S5 seats black leather yes? (Struggling to tell the exact colour) If so I'd almost hunt down a standard Black Leather trim and sell yours complete, think the black really works against the silver.
  11. Candy White Mk3 VR progress

    White centres, no further discussion needed... Really liking this!
  12. MK3 Golf Cabby - Project VR

    Like the way this is going but can't help thinking it'll be too smooth. Personally I hate smoothed door handles and always have, like the rest of the plans though man! Look forward to seeing updates.
  13. Beanz Mobile

    Like that
  14. 5000rpm limit

    Cam Position Sensor, had the same issue with my old 8v a few years ago, not an expensive fix!