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  1. Mods for 2.0T FSI audi A3

    Is there any recommendations for down pipes?
  2. my bagged tt 225

    I was going to ask the same re the exhaust..lol
  3. Jase's Leon

    Link to these bushes?
  4. Jase's Leon

    Same as mine. Looks nice. Not keen on the FR badge on the grill though..
  5. Remapped PD150 - did your clutch slip?

    Clutch has seen 60k but the dmf has seen over 100 now. The bite is very low and it's had one owner from new who was about 55. I think it's safe to say the car has never been ragged.
  6. I'm getting my PD150 remapped on Saturday but i dont really want to have to buy a clutch straight after although i appreciate it'll speed up the process. Who on here has had their PD150 mapped on the standard clutch and did it last? I know there's a few factors which contribute..
  7. Leon Cupra TDI

    Looks smart. I have the same all be it standard and i get 60+mpg on the mway and 45 easily around town. You def have problems somewhere..
  8. My B5.5 wagon

    Not feeling the fat 5's. They look great on Bora's but the Passats too big in my opinion. You need these in your life - http://www.edition38.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=455092
  9. My B5.5 wagon

    As mentioned mate, looking good.
  10. Looks great. Absolutely love the FRST.
  11. The G-Wagon!

    Maaan the SW is the hub of the 3 spoke scene..
  12. Removing paint from alu intercooler?

    It'd bend the fins though surely?
  13. My fmic has been diy rattle canned and is flaking really quite badly. Whats the easiest way to get it all off without messing up the aluminium underneath too much?
  14. Kaz's Silverstone Grey Bora

    Thats what i found with a FMIC, it certainly helps higher in the rev range! Dont sell her though. Your bike rack will doooooo haha
  15. 20vt with catch tanks!

    I'd love to see people setups too. This is something i have got to do. Bump.