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  1. Mk2 rear camber

    Hi, I'm looking at fitting a camber kit/shims, I would like to get my tyres to tuck a bit more on the rear? I've just swapped from RS047's to RS001's and the offset is +13 lower. Are Eibach the ones to get? Also can anyone recommend a decent 195/45 tyre without a rim protector? I have toyo proxes atm. Thanks
  2. I know the thread is m7 but also the internal diameter is 7mm, hence you need a 10 point 7mm spline tool to undo the screws! - a very hard to find tool!!
  3. Is this the right tool Polo Classic? http://www.titanium-touch.de/shop/product_info.php?info=p557_Special-tool-for-10point-screw.html It says size 8 but i know the the screws are 7mm Thanks
  4. Yeah the tool is really hard to get hold of. The bolts are female unlike bbs and other oz's. You need a male 10 point 7mm tool
  5. Thanks for the replies! The wheel size atm is 8.5"x18" they are double drilled as standard so 5x100 & 5x112 which appeals to me! Made by OZ for ABT, but an annoying thing about them is the 7mm 10 point bolts that hold them together!
  6. I have some Super Rare ABT split rims. I am thinking of splitting and refurbing them. Another possibility to make them total one off wheels would be to get some barrels made? Does anyone know roughly how much this would cost? G23 engineering??? B-Star??? I could supply measurements etc. I'm guessing it will be silly money due to the cost of the materials and labour but a ball park figure would be interesting to know! I know Rotiform have made custom barrels for BBS etc - I shouldn't think it would be much different?? Thanks
  7. Removing OZ Split Bolts - Female Type

    Nice one Mike, you are a legend!! pm'd you now
  8. Removing OZ Split Bolts - Female Type

    Update: The 8mm bit is too big! Seems that OZ/ABT use 7mm 10 point bit which is RARE to get hold of :-( Anyone on here who could rent me the tool????
  9. Removing OZ Split Bolts - Female Type

    After a bit of research, it appears that I need a 10 point 8mm bit. I have ordered one from ebay (laser) so will give that a try!!
  10. Hi, Just picked up some super Rare ABT Split Rims, made by OZ. They need a bit of a refurb so I want to split them down. I hooked a spline tool out of the garage which i think was 8mm 10 point but it seems to small! I know these wheels can have funny size bolts so I'm asking if anyone has had experience removing this type of OZ Split Rim Bolt and if so what tool did they use? Here is a pic of the bolt type (not of my wheel but one i found online) Thanks
  11. Here are the photos i took from Ultimate Dubs 2013 Enjoy
  12. Removing airbag seats

    Hi, I'm thinking of fitting a set of bucket seats into my mk4 golf trackday car! Problem is removing the standard seats will illuminate the airbag light. Is there a way around this like plugging a harness to fool the ecu? I have an OMP steering wheel which bypasses the airbag and therefore doesn't trigger the airbag warning light.
  13. Rallye Golf 1.8T

    Awesome cars!! I have a quick question, have you removed the helper springs from the Weitec coilovers on the front of the Rallye? I have just fitted a set to my Mk4 and at the lowest setting it is still a bit too high
  14. Early Edition

    Gutted i couldn't make it this year - a friend was running the marathon so went to support her? Really enjoyed the show last year, more pics please
  15. Bilstein B14 coilovers

    Hi, can anyone tell me if the Bilstein B14 coilover kit for a mk4 1.8t has the ARB droplinks on the front dampers? I am going to change my hubs wishbones etc to R32 and I have an R32 steering rack to fit also, thing is I don't want to go ahead and order the suspension unless I know that it will be compatible. Thanks