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  1. ELSA/Autodata anyone?

    Hey lads, Lost my main laptop with my wiring diagrams/pin outs ect... Can anyone pull me a wiring diagrams for plenum chamber(driver side scuttle) car and engine side on following; * 2000 mk4 golf 1.8T agu * 1999 mk4 golf 1.6 16v Many thanks, Jrd
  2. Gearbox Replacing Input Shaft Bearings

    Split it today, Not too bad, Got bearings on order. Fingers crossed.
  3. Gearbox Replacing Input Shaft Bearings

    Yeah sure thing "boss"
  4. Gearbox Replacing Input Shaft Bearings

    Sorted, Im going to split it open tomorrow anyway, see what crack is, cheers
  5. Anyone split an 02Q box apart - 2.0 TDI A3/Golf mk5 I have excessive play on input shaft causing floating clutch bite. Need to replace bearings or replace box. Cheers, Jrd
  6. mk1 TT bearing carriers / hubs

    Interesting they do have close clearance though due to the angle they sit at(otherwise there would be no difference), Is there any excess on balljoint to allow for removal/clearance. You issue would then be that it needs to be heatshielded.
  7. Diesel Particulate Filter HELP !

    Done alot of these in past at dealer being a regeneration required, Not sure whether you can wipe it without using the diagnostic equipment as ive only done it with it. Basically entails taking vehicle for long drive to get engine/exhaust hot as per above. Will need to be plugged up to check code
  8. mk1 TT bearing carriers / hubs

    True forgot to add that, Reason being TT's refined steering characteristics. Ive never had any touch the disc though.... Using what discs
  9. R32 front discs ?

    ECS V2 kit uses a porsche monobloc caliper 332mm x 26mm R32 MK4 are 334x32mm Maximum disc thickness on porsche 4pot monobloc is 28mm so im afraid wont work. Jrd,
  10. mk1 TT bearing carriers / hubs

    Theyre very similar but no. Only differences; TT track rods are fitted other way to mk4 golf(upside down) and the driveshaft securing uses a bolt on TT as apose to a nut. Carrier distance is same and essentially you can use them with minor alterations. Whats your problem?
  11. Mk4 20vt engine misfire

    Needs plugging into diag machine i.e Vagcom. Check engine fault. Example method of repair; Fault; Engine misfire cylinder 4 Action; Swap coilpack cyl.4 with coilpack cyl.1 Clear fault and restart engine, check if fault has moved to cyl 1. Then you know its that coilpack. Thats most common, If you have something else and still need assistance report back.
  12. Bang on that! Exactly my thoughts, i hate it when you ask a bodyshop for quote and they say "depends if you want it perfect or quick blend". Every job should be to the best of your ability. Needless to say you just walk away from people with that attitude. Hope you get car sorted, quite noticeable in pictures.
  13. r32 conversion vacuum pipe

    Oil pressure sensor on oil cooler & Oil fill level sensor on sump. Cant help on the Vac pipe.
  14. Audi A3 8P Revival - Surgery in motion

    Cheers lads, Coilies are just cheap brand - ive run a set of 4 cars never had a prob and ride well. £180 job. EGR deleted on this and cooler removed, re-routed water pipe using a straight. Need to find some nice wheels, i want some speedlines i think, 18" or 19" though.
  15. Bought this about 2 weeks ago Unrecorded 2004(53) 115k 2.0 TDI - BKD Went straight in for revamp, front end panels were damaged so oppotunity taken for facelift; Wired in 2010 mirrors Bottom end mount was worn to say least, engine rock! - New subframe Car was sat way too high on standard suspension, i like to be static so coilovers was obvious route Interior needed freshening; * 2010 centre console/heater control/radio * S-Line steering wheel/3spoke bag * S-Line Leather interior * Black Headlining * S-Line floor trims Others * S-Line Exhaust - Burnt baffles out so whistles through New rollers; * 18" Genuine Audi wheels - I figured from RS4 but seems they come standard 19's look same wheel Audi stamped. Took it for a drive to set suspension in, Ran it through gears to give it a good run through, 3rd gear boost pull under load.... Limp mode! Ahhh not again, had this issue with Caddy work van, Hooked lappy upto it i knew straight away what it would be "overboost - Turbo VNT clogged" and deja vu thats what it was, so back to work........ Turbo actuator was very stiff confirming issue, no excessive play at all. Didn't fancy cashing out on recon(plus turbo was good other than VNT) ; Sat in diesel for 12hours+ and worked actuator open/close, freed off very well to a smooth motion - Should be able to compress with hand as VAC operated, Sit in diesel, don't allow to enter VAC entry in actuator, once finished swill out with petrol and leave to evaporate then pre-load with oil and re-fit. Finally this is how she sits today; Much more planned just on hunt for the parts; * MY11 Rear Lights LEDS * DRL front lights * Needs new flywheel/ASV - Was going to just find a low mileage lump and drop it in so i know its sound. Thanks for reading ! Jrd,