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  1. Audi rs4/6 brakes on a mk5 golf

    I know someone who might have a set of RS3 brakes for sale. Pm me if you want his details
  2. Anni not starting after powder coat

    This get sorted out ok?
  3. rocker cover chromeing done any where ?

    Not quite chrome i opted for a aeromax chrome powdercoat from aerocoat (http://www.aerocoat.net/) Very durable and doesn't tarnish, fade, cloud or corrode. Wipe clean and doesn't require polishing or anything. Just over 1.5yrs and had no issues. Here's some pics of my bay Hope this helps Daren
  4. 1.8T Bolt Down Coilpack Bolt Spec

    As above. I got some shiny stainless steel ones on eBay for my bay
  5. Turbo replacement / refurb

    +1 on turbo dynamics
  6. 1.8t K03s to K04-001?

    Was getting prices on the 2 turbos new and its about a £300 difference.
  7. 1.8t K03s to K04-001?

    I thought the tip on the K03s and K04-001 were the same?
  8. 1.8t K03s to K04-001?

    My K03s has recently gone and I'm considering a K04-001 instead. I've read that this turbo holds boost better and offers slightly more performance so 250 bhp would be a nice target over the K03s Can I run the K04-001 on the current mods initially without any issues on the existing REVO. I'm worried about boost spiking, intake temps, limp mode etc. Revo generic stage one map for my k03s, 007P with yellow spring, turbo revs smic, pipercross panel filter with DSG snorkel to air box, milltek 2.5" non res catback system, silicon hoses and tip. Naturally I'd be making a visit for a custom map to suit but wanted to see if this is worth doing. Just don't have funds for a sports cat and DP right now. What else would I need? im reluctant to go down the decat or FMIC Route so does this count the K04-001 out? Thanks in advance Daren
  9. Hi guys My Anniversary steering wheel is now showing the 10yrs of wear... and the black is becoming worn. Does anyone have any experience or suggestions how this can be repaired? Reluctant to get it replaced as they arent cheap No boot polish suggestions please. Thanks Daren
  10. Headlight

    Extra wires will cost about £2 each from VW. I think the part nos are in the link too. They come as male to male connectors and female to female connectors. you will need to buy 2 of each and cut them in half and make 4 male to females wires (cut & resoilder) for your adapters.
  11. Headlight

    Assuming you are referring to levelling via the dial (rheostat) next to the light switch then you will need to do 2 things to enable levelling. 1) add extra wires to the adapters to connect the dormant pins. 2) cut and reconnect 2 wires interally for each unit. Everything you need to know is here - http://uk-mkivs.net/forums/p/260139/1702813.aspx#1702813 Hope this helps Daren
  12. Turbo on s3

    as above. As to what type of K04 im not sure.
  13. Waterless Cleaners

    just remember to move your car to do your detailing..... Youll have queue behind you otherwise
  14. Waterless Cleaners

    I must admit i was pretty sceptical about it.... but got a bottle for £8 on offer and gave it ago. Used it on the car when it was dusty (light dirt) and it gave a great finish. Probably still wont use it when the car is caked in dirt as previously mentioned as id imagine the liquid can only suspend a small amount of dirt from the paint before you scratch things. Jet wash first and if you dont have any detailer then use this. Something to have handy at a meet etc. Will be at Spring Fest with some if you wanna try it.... or see it for yourself
  15. chrome powder coating

    looks ace