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  1. tapping noise from head 20vt

    yep take it apart best way
  2. wheel help please ppl

    looking at a nice set for me mk4 gti on ebay there 5x112 fitment will they fit me mk4 or not ????? quick replys wouldhelp as ive only got 3 hours left to bid thanks
  3. Mk3 fogs

    take them off your vehicle n stick them in your airing cupboard for 24-48 hours with heat on n it solves it
  4. Ed38 security

    sweets i dont mean this rudely n please dont take this the wrong way but security obvously didnt do a good job eyeballing people giving it the biggen intimidating them that what you like manning your events ? id change ur security company to be honest thats why they felt so small-nobody respected them
  5. Ed38 security

    well next year i think ill bring me doormen n security buddies with me n will we ave to show security how to do it properly they were probably thinking they were hard in a jeep n it was japenese
  6. Ed38 security

    as ive said in another topic i worked security for 5 yrs big events n have had me own security company n im gonna say 1 thing to this thread pay peanuts u get monkeys oh n were in a recession so guess where your security is coming from thats right the job centre ive worked on the doors with many of these n they aint wrth a penny
  7. Great show was spoiled

    it sounds like you have all had a nightmare im now glad my abs pump failed on me. Now sounds like you have all got a lot of issues with the security? camping areas? n the dreaded CHAV!!! now splitting the camping areas would be a solution n so would putting security points/places about,but it would come down to money security is good n cheap in the right places just need to know where u look for it now working security for 5 yrs the site would of been evaluated on its size n people capacity i know when i evaluate clubs i work it on 100customers to 1 doorman now this sounds stupid but thats what rules state are the maxium allowed and ive worked stonehenge/glastonbury/twickenham/v festival and there is never enough security but alot of companies now provide stewards to walk with security to BULK up numbers so wouldnt having more of them around be a suggestion or just be pickier on the gate now cctv would never work i do it mon tues nights n there would need to be lots more lighting costs??/ again licensed monitors to watch n the costs go through the roof my opinion change the security company to professionals not ametuars who hit peoples cars,be more firm on the gate,seperate camp areas,and let the people like us who enjoy n respect it have a good time n show the idiots the way out
  8. brake issues mk4 golf turbo

    turns out to be air in the abs pump so being sorted
  9. brake issues mk4 golf turbo

    rite had two brake hoses front replaced tried building up pressure(bleeding the brakes) couuldnt get none hour of messing about finally sorted them, now this out the way abs light came on o/s/f sensor so fixed it . but now ive got a horrible droaning noise at low speed turning sounds like a pump whine if this mankes sense 3 places say its master cyclinder as me golfs on 130k but 2 people are thinking abs pump any one shed a light on this would help as im baffled now now the reason im saying brakes is because it also locks the pedal on now n kicks its back at you at every time it does this abs light pops up but still says front sensor even though i replaced this n the abs ring twice thinking it was faulty parts, im baffled now any body shed a light (this is when the groaning noise is there its kicking back n light kicks in ) SOMEBODY HELP