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  1. Black 9n3 GTI 390 BHP

    Love the attention to detail on this wee thing
  2. mk4 1.8t injector holder

    Nah he got Nout like and taking ma business else where
  3. mk4 1.8t injector holder

    The guy knocked them out with a hammer and screw driver. And cought the threads
  4. mk4 1.8t injector holder

    Pretty bad like wouldnt be able to file it out. If its the m24 fine a have a tap at ma work
  5. mk4 1.8t injector holder

    A don't mind paying for a tap to do the job right. Am a right in saying that it m24x1.5
  6. mk4 1.8t injector holder

    hi guys am needing alittle advice i recently got my inlet manifold powdercoated and the guy that remove the holders has damaged the threads on on of the ports. does anyone know the thread pitch for these so i could buy a tap to fix it instead of trying to force it home. cheers pete
  7. 1.8t breather - vent to air or to vent to TIP?

    Yeah you can vent to air and just get a 19mm blanking plug where the hockey puck sits Ian the tip
  8. turbo oil and water lines

    Thanks guys the help has been greatful. Got pirtek coming on Tuesday
  9. turbo oil and water lines

    oil feed mate as a can use the oe one for the return line
  10. turbo oil and water lines

    hi guy am in the middle of doing a ihi covertion on my 20v but am need oil and water line made up. tried jabbasport they dont seem interested and jbs require the car to go to them. am up in scotland has any one used a mobile service for this or any help would be great cheers pete
  11. Golf MK4 GTI

    not so good mate whats let go?
  12. Black 9n3 GTI 390 BHP

    just read your whole thread mate topwork, ad alot of people would of thrown in the towel when the turbo went but hats of for sticking it out and creating a awesome machine. cant wait to see it with the rs's on the deck
  13. Porsche 964

    ma dream car right there amazing
  14. Mk-6 golf, ** Build thread **

    hats of to you mate top work love the 17's on it
  15. Another mk4 with boost

    Some nice touches mate and some big plans look forward to see this taking shape