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  1. Pic request Polo "open air" door decal

    Yea that'll be the same picture as referenced above. They are obsolete from vw hence the pic request
  2. Pic request Polo "open air" door decal

    Like I said Google didn't come up with much.....I can hardly take that to someone and say can you reproduce this, hence the actual pic request
  3. Pic request Polo "open air" door decal

    Has anyone got one they could get a picture of so I can get some reproduction decals made up. Google hasn't helped much and neither has clubpolo? Thanks in advance
  4. Luke's MK3 Build - That got out of hand

    Damn this does sit well! Just had a good read through! We're gonna have to do a mk3 meet soon!!
  5. 'LOPO'

    I disagree....soooo simple yet soooo efective. Personally id sort the paint out and smoke it round as is (slowly by the looks of how close to the ground it os ) ....sits lovely
  6. Mk3 Golf GTi 8v Front Brakes

    Could be the wrong discs...mk4's have 288mm but sit 6mm in more IIRC? Double check the discs mate
  7. MK3 VR6 fans not working

    Not sure if thats 100% mate if i get a chance ill bridge mine tomoz and let oyu know my findings
  8. MK3 VR6 fans not working

    I thought that if you bridge the yellow temp plug pins 2 & 4 the fans should come on....as you said the fans work with 12v i'd say you have a wiring/earth problem between the yellow sensor and the fans
  9. Gold bolts for split rims

    Heard good things about these guys http://www.justmatz.co.uk/bbs-information.php
  10. Retro fit Projectors in stock housing

    True they will look better than in a halogen reflector but on the same note why go to the hassle of a retro with sub standard results. The fxr 3.0 for example, are avaiable in RHD and are 140 dollars.....so with postage wont be too bad in my opinion. I picked up my last pair of e46 hella bi-xenons for £50 with bulbs and ballasts as the housing/lenses were smashed
  11. Retro fit Projectors in stock housing

    Sorry but that output looks terrible....yes the cutoff is crisp but the lower part is questionable. Have you been on the hidplanet forums? or go to theretrofitsource.com There are some amazing projectors out there to "properly" retro fit This is what id be looking fxr cutoff
  12. Which Exhaust Heat Wrap?

    It is easier although i just did my vr six branch last week and its not too bad dry. I used 10m and i literally just made it with a single wrap
  13. Vr6 miss fire-ring

    Maf sensor i would guess at? Unplug it does it run better?
  14. Mk4 Golf 1.6 16v BCB engine

    As title just bought a 2003 Mk4 Golf for my missus.....just learning as normally lurk in the Mk3 secition. Its had a Lambda replaced, pre-cat and i put a MAP sensor on it as it was hunting and had a code for it with the EPC light. That has now gone but have the "emissions workshop" flagging up on the dash. Vagcom saying cat efficiency bank 1? This engine has 2 cats ! Is it actually a cat....it does have a slight blow at the flexi? Any advice welcomed
  15. 2.0 8v 5000rpm limit. ARGGG!

    Check the wiring of the crank sensor.....sometimes doesnt show a fault! Just behind the oil filter iirc