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  1. Some brief wheel help please

    Ok kool thanks if they do end up being 4x108 you guys can buy one wheel each as a momento. Mod can lock this lol
  2. Some brief wheel help please

    Hence why I'm so confused lol if they were printed ford etc I wouldnt be so skeptical but everything points to 4x100 except that 4x108 print
  3. Right I'm suppose to be swapping a set of wheels this afternoon they look like bbs rzs the basket weave design ones but are 14s. Also turns out they are 4x108 and that's what's printed on the center but I thought they were only 4x100. After googling the product number it's only bringing up 4x100 sets. Is it a possible misprint or are they really 4x108? The guy has test fitted them on his lupo and said they bolt up fine but I need a definitive answer from some wheel guru? Picture of the centre. Untitled by keithmoore891, on Flickr
  4. Another MK4

    Absolutely amazing build & colour, speechless. Look forward to seeing this all back in 1 piece & at the shows in the upcoming season. Top work
  5. Red stripe resto mk2 grill

    I'm in the same boat, would also like some advice on the matter
  6. Zeee MK4 1.8t

    Yea I've noticed it in the classifeds lol You already picked a colour for paint then!? My mk4 sold on the saturday just gone, so I'm no longer part of the crew haha
  7. Zeee MK4 1.8t

    Good to see your still cracking on with this & the wheels went into good hands! lol look forward to seeing future plans
  8. Sooooo............................ Untitled by keithmoore891, on Flickr Untitled by keithmoore891, on Flickr Untitled by keithmoore891, on Flickr Untitled by keithmoore891, on Flickr Rotas are off for winter. They are for sale. No tyres but with the 3mm adapters. If they sell the car will also be for sale as it is. If the wheels don't sell I will keep the car & wheels lol. If anyones intersted pm me. I will stick up two for sale threads when I get round to it anyway.
  9. Westside Treffen 2k13 - 29th Sept

    Are dogs allowed? & do you have to be in the show & shine to park on the field?
  10. Help with wheel identification

    Who needs info, when you have a buyer!
  11. Still want a mk2 but still want to keep this now as its growing on me more Still trying to find the bigger spoiler im after !! DSCF0454 by keithmoore891, on Flickr DSCF0485 by keithmoore891, on Flickr DSCF0576 by keithmoore891, on Flickr DSCF0566 by keithmoore891, on Flickr
  12. #ProjectMk2

    DSCF0438 by keithmoore891, on Flickr DSCF0461 by keithmoore891, on Flickr DSCF0462 by keithmoore891, on Flickr Theres a couple other groupish photos, with your car in them
  13. Krispy Kreme Kingston 8th July

    IF anyones interested all my pictures are here
  14. The ACTUAL diesel daily

    Well its only a sticker so you can take it off BUT on the odd chance you do like it... I can gloat & say I told you so hahaha yea his car is something else pictures really dont do it justice.