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  1. R32 engne

    I'm runing 5w30 but the engine was really dirty inside like someone never changed the oil. Only got the car a week did oil change and going to change oil tomorrow again. Do you think it could be a problem? Blocked oil channels?
  2. R32 engne

  3. R32 engne

    Changed just one, exhaust one..
  4. R32 engne

    Forgotten to add: Had this fault before timing change also chain was noisy so we replaced it But still has faylt
  5. R32 engne

    Hi everyone, Any one can help please? Got an fault 17755 - Camshaft Position Sensor 2 (G163) / Engine Speed Sensor (G28): Incor. Correl. New timing chain sure 100% it was lined up properly checked 4 times, new cam sensor and still showing the fault. Car drives spot on... Any ideas? Thanks
  6. 02m 4wd to 2wd

    Hi Anyone had a problem converting 02m box(4wd) into 2wd with the blanking plate. Is it straight forward job? Thanks
  7. Mk2 R32 track car

    Did you delete A/C pump if so what belt did you use?
  8. Audi r32 aircon delete

    Hi everyone, As I'm doing my 2k caddy r32 conversion my question is: can I delete the a/c pump in easy way and run the belt without a/c pump? Cheers
  9. MK3 GT US.

    A few more rare bits that I finally got. Been looking for it for ages. Blaupunkt door cards pockets and parcel shelf holders. Pioneear top speakers covers...
  10. MK3 GT US.

    Its LESHEEKS show cage pal...
  11. MK2 Golf VR6 project

    Yea VRTurbo go for it...
  12. MK2 Golf VR6 project

    Yes still got the mk3 just k04ed it...
  13. MK2 Golf VR6 project

    The mk2 looks awesome Dany. A lot of progress since last time I seen it...
  14. Clear coat

    I think I go for COMO 923-88 as I found it in good price from abroad where I am originally from(less then £100) but is MS so will need 2 and half or even three coats?? Never use MS in my life...
  15. Clear coat

    What i was thinking is give a nice two coats of HS then next day flat it with 1500/2000 and aply one more heavy coat... Is this good idea?? Never done like that before as I'm sparing for last 10years...