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    Good turn outs past few weeks, can tell allready it will be very busy over summer.
  2. Big red the roofless slut

    Got full airlift v2 set up for this for sale
  3. Mk5 coil overs/drop links help please

  4. Its on the 170s the injectors have a problem and most have a recall. In the 140s there different injectors but never hear them to fail.
  5. The BLB engines are known for the oil pump shaft failing also, if you havn't had it checked yet i'd do it, also fit the modified part, other wise if that fails you will have to pay for a new engine. Egr i'd get a delete, they run much better without them. Thats the only common problems with them.
  6. TTRS - "OEM+"

    You get bored very easy I take it lol
  7. Hi anyone know the torque setting for audi speedlines, made by bbs if that helps. 19"x9" versions Thanks
  8. Tyre sizes for 19" alloys

    215/35/19 allround I would personally do.
  9. air ride ... Soft Lines?

    Check the install Luke @ Plush done on hulk's old mk4 r32, that had black hard lines!
  10. Hi was after some help, a friend has a golf mk5 base model but high in spec. He was involved in a accident were it wasn't his fault, the insurance company havn't came to look at the car but they said due to age it will be written off. So they are taking the car tomorow but the car had original gti wheels and factory tints, they have agreed a payout but after they have taken the car can they still void for not declaring the mods?
  11. Euro Trip

    When you looking to go? Might be worth waiting till next year for worthersee
  12. MIVW 2014

    Oh we'll be stopping twice along the way too lol and check in is at 5am too
  13. MIVW 2014

    Dubclub and others from birmingam and cov we'll be leaving midnight thursday to get the 6am ferry friday dover to dunkirk.
  14. airlift v2 tank pressures

    Min 110 Max 150