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  1. RSlut

    Leather Feed / Restorer

    Looking for some recommendations for a restoring product for some aged, black leather seats. Thanks in advance.
  2. RSlut

    GT50 extended wheel nuts

    Anyone used the above and if so are they any good? Cheers.
  3. RSlut

    Painted dishes

    I want to rebuild some rm's with painted dishes - I just wanted to check if the dish is painted, whether this can cause any sealing issues with the barrel? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Tom
  4. RSlut

    Painted dishes

    Thanks John
  5. RSlut

    7.5x17 wheels - what tyres?

    Cheers mate
  6. I've always run 15's on my car, but due to a brake upgrade I need to run larger wheels. I've already got a set of 17's so will use them, but need some tyres. Was thinking of yoko parada's or toyo t1r's. Would go for 888's but I'm not spending that amount of money. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. RSlut

    MK6 Golf - wheels

    I get my new car next week and just wondered what offset and just wanted to confirm stud pattern - if anyone can help that would be great. Also any advice on what works well in terms of style would be appreciated too. Thanks Tom
  8. RSlut

    Gary's Golf MK3 Anni 16v

    Is this P802**A? If so it's my old daily!
  9. RSlut

    rebuilt abf - not idling?

    Had the same problem with mine....stuck it on VAGCOM and it came up saying it was the ISV. I'd just had the top end on mine apart too. Hope this helps mate