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  1. coilover question?

    If it's a sharp bang rather than a dull 'thud', it might be the struts loose against the top mounts..
  2. Random clutch pedal problem

    Hi guys, My clutch pedal broke today.. Apparently hydraulic clutches have a box on the side of the pedal, designed to break in an accident to stop the driver hurting their feet on impact. The RAC came out and temp fixed it, but said I needed a new pedal because his fixed means the release bearing doesn't let go.. I've got a new pedal from someone on another forum who works at vw but I have no idea how difficult it is to fix :-( Has anyone heard of this before? Or has anyone any idea how hard it is to change a pedal? It's on a 1.9tdi vento. Cheers Ash
  3. "hopefully" budget built mk3 gti?

    Looking good! Poor little dog Where did you get the coilovers that cheap?
  4. one wheel sitting outside of arch.

    by what i can tell from what you've said, is it the whole face of the wheel which is further out or just the top/bottom edge? sounds uncanny to my problem
  5. one wheel sitting outside of arch.

    i think your car's always had the problem, it's just because you're using wheels with a bit more poke you're actually noticing it have you checked to see if the wishbones are the same length/make? someone once told me it's probably the subframe sitting off center, but im not sure how that would work
  6. one wheel sitting outside of arch.

    what car is it? im going to guess a mk3? has happened to mine.. think its different length wishbones
  7. VW Lupo 1.0 with sound

    That's quality - love what's been done to it. I remember reading the build thread of the person who put the sub box in, but i cant seem to find it now How does the engine hold up with the box? I drive a 1.4 16v lupo and that holds up quite nicely with 2 people in the car, i'd imagine a 1.0 with that box in must be quite sluggish? oh and also where did you get your dynomat from?
  8. "derek" the tdi van

    looks good joe.. stupid question, but how do you do this? just jack it up and fit the stands underneath?
  9. DIY Chocolate Orange Mk2 - its painted!

    Would've been bad if i had just bowled into the workshop seeing this mystery colour.. hopefully get to see it when i pick up the golf next week?
  10. DIY Chocolate Orange Mk2 - its painted!

    Looked promising yesterday mate, sorry for slowing you down
  11. DIY sub enclosures.....

  12. jetta VR6.... pretty low?

    looks awesome and that's quite a bit of progress in such a short time. what were those old wheels?? they look quite decent