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  1. Rob16vt

    j222ajm black mk2

    It seems as though photobucket is failing me, got loads of updates for this thread but can't seem to get my old photos to work, or upload new ones........
  2. Rob16vt

    j222ajm black mk2

    Received pictures of the custom headlining being trimmed. Pics to follow once it arrives
  3. Rob16vt

    j222ajm black mk2

    On the top half yes, they have done an awesome job too
  4. Rob16vt

    j222ajm black mk2

    Cheers, me and a friend who is a panel beater prepped the floor and engine bay, impact put the colour and lacquer on. The top side was painted by MW bodywork in Elvington
  5. Rob16vt

    j222ajm black mk2

    Yeah, will actually be closer to you.....Emley
  6. Rob16vt

    j222ajm black mk2

    All new glass fitted some more small details some more classic additions Then decided to do some more on the engine, so bought a Turbonetics turbo Turbo mounted up Fitted a 2006 Polo TSI crank seal with the trigger wheel pressed onto the crank, pain in the ass to fit but a nice addition. I've got a headlining being built from scratch by Garage Close in Luxemburg, its trimmed in grey Alcantara and should be here in a couple of weeks. The gearbox and cam covers are with Mike the Polisher for chroming. Also got the fuel tank, G60 arch liners and fuel filter bracket at C6 carbon for skinning! Also moving house soon, with a bigger garage on the cards.
  7. Rob16vt

    j222ajm black mk2

    Update time, finally found some time to upload my progress with the golf Started by fitting the NOS trims i'd been collecting over the years. G60 arches getting bonded on Just remind of the what the floor looks like New type 19 rear mounted washer bottle fitted Can't beat genuine bumper and arch fitment All screws chromed with new lamps and gaskets German post van trims fitted all in the details chromed gas strut ball joints
  8. Rob16vt

    j222ajm black mk2

    I do need to add some photos! It now has its trims on, glass fitted, dash fitted with some nice rare parts, Porsche door handles and lots of chrome detailing........ Work away a hell of a lot so I'm struggling to find time to put photos on forums..
  9. Rob16vt

    j222ajm black mk2

    Think this thread needs updating!
  10. A VW dealership in Luxemburg make a complete new unit. Their called Garage Close and are on Facebook.
  11. Rob16vt

    Engine block clean paint

    It's all in the prep, first degrease it with a good engine cleaner. Then buy a wire wheel set for a drill, go over the whole engine block with it. Once you have done this then wipe over it very throughly with a pre paint cleaner. Mask off gasket faces and any bits that shouldn't be painted, then a good coat of etch primer. Then use a decent 2k paint in an aerosol. Job done and it will last....... Unlike Hamerite If you doing the cylinder head use the same process but be gentle with the wire bushes.
  12. Rob16vt

    j222ajm black mk2

    Collecting it Saturday. Bought the final trim bits I needed too.
  13. Rob16vt

    j222ajm black mk2

    So the car is currently in the paint shop, it should be ready for the end of month so pics will follow
  14. Rob16vt

    Cope's GTI

    Hi mate do the gearbox main shaft seal and put a new clutch rod in while your at that stage, cheap to buy from gsf too!
  15. Rob16vt

    j222ajm black mk2

    Yeah not cheap to fit something once. But wouldn't imagine VW would want to touch it!