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  1. Cupra R

    Perfect mate. Top work.
  2. Cupra R

    Love it mate. Hopefully I can get my LC20vt will look as sharp eventually.......
  3. Project: Mk3 Golf 1.8t

    Genuinely amazing mate. Truly impressive!
  4. Getting stance right

    At the moment the exact spec of the wheels are - 18x8 ET32 wrapped in 225/40/R18 If that helps mate?
  5. Getting stance right

    This has probably been asked a million times and for that - I apologise now for posting this! I've tried looking at a few historic posts, but can't find anything specific to my situ. This weekend I've fitted spacers and think I've missed the mark....! This is how she sits at the mo - Spec is 18x8 Calibre Vintage with 12mm spacers on the front and 15mm spacers on the rear. NOW - this is my dilemma. The stance ISN'T right and I think I need to move the 15mm to the front and invest in some 20mm for the rear. Problem is, the wheels are catching the arches now, but after a trip to my local body shop today, I don't know if it's worth rolling the arches (which will be costly!) or keeping the ride height the same as it is now and invest in 4 new (appropriately stretched) tyres and going from there. I want the car to sit lower, but decided if the stretch or rolled option is better is where I'm a little lost....... Can anyone help?
  6. My mk3 Golf Harlequin.

    I sense the force is strong with this one...
  7. Polo GT-G40

    Just beautiful........ :wub:
  8. That silver mk3

    One word - wow
  9. Jordan's coupe

    Clean every bit of it up till it gleams mate, get some 13x8 ATS classics on it and then slam it something stupid. WIN
  10. Mars red 1979 S1 GTI

    Another mark 1 en route to being saved! Great work mate - will be watching this!
  11. Another one to subscribe too then! Work your magic Mugly.... Work your magic...
  12. MK2 G60 Edition 1... Pearl Grey

    Love, love, love mate Perfection
  13. my mk4 golf

    I like that mate. Works well. Sits well for me, but expect a few "needs lower" comments probably!
  14. MK2 Golf 1.3 to 1.9 tdi conversion.

    2nd! Can't wait to see it cleaned up mate! Cut no corners - reap all rewards!