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  1. The New Daily - PD150

    Looks good mate! I will be after a GT TDI soon as the misses passes her test & takes the French crap I'm driving around in at the minute!
  2. Unbelievable

    Just a heads up...admiral were shockingly bad when I was with them. My car was wrote off by the other driver who accepted liability from day one. Then when his insurance paid out the £1500 admiral sent me a cheque for £30 claiming I owed the rest for my outstanding premium! Took me weeks & about 70 phone calls till they realised it was the other drivers fault & that the money was owed to me not them. THEN two months later, on my payday, they took £1470 out of my bank & when I rang them screaming down the phone they said 'oh It looks like you still owe us your premium!' Honestly, they didn't have a clue what they were doing!
  3. Good job on them mate! My old wheels look quite similer to that first pic but prob not as bad. Did you do it all by hand? Im wanting to diy refurb mine, could you tell me how you did yours? Cheers
  4. Im getting bored of my longbeaches on my mk3 16v now but cant afford some new shoes yet Ive got a set of VR6 alloys sitting in the shed, the crosshair type. 3 of them have got good tyres so was thinking about giving them a DIY refurb as the paint is flaking off. Ive done plenty of searches and watched a few videos on youtube, just wondering if anyone in here has refurbed their VR6 wheels themselves and have some pics? Gonna start on 1 of the wheels tonight. Got lots of different grades of sandpaper, gonna do it by hand. Are white wheels on a red 16v wrong?? May just go for a nice bright silver as dark/black alloys aint my thing! Can anyone recommend a nice silver i can get from halfords or somewhere on the net cheaper??
  5. No there defo microfibres mate http://direct.asda.com/Kent-Microfibre-Towels-15pk/001022715,default,pd.html
  6. Picked one of these up too for £3.50...its a plush one, dark blue with a black trim. Seems nice quality, will try it out on sat
  7. Yeah the 6 for £2 were at the car bit. I found the 15 for £2 on offer near the towel/tea towel section. In a pack you get 5 pink, 5 blue and 5 yellow.
  8. They been about for a while then? I seen in the car section they had a pack of 6 for £2....they are made by the same company! Im doing my first detail this weekend by hand so i'll probably end up using all 15 lol Are they suitable for the polish/wax stages?
  9. Worth a shout mate. They werent by the car stuff at my local Asda, spotted them by accident! They were at the end of an isle, where the normal towels/tea towels were
  10. Just a heads up, just got me a pack of these from Asda instore. They're made by made by Kent car care, the dimentions are 40x28cms. Might not be the best quality & haven't used them yet but 15 for £2 they're worth a try!
  11. Detailing Guide - An Overview

    Just what ive been looking for For the black trim (mk3 gti kit), would i use tape either when im polish/waxing to prevent it going on the trim? And vise versa, use tape to protect paintwork when doing my trim? Will probably use AG bumper gel.
  12. Removing old sealant!

    Cheers mate I'll have a look at that!
  13. I've opened up my mk3 lights to joey them. It looks like they've been opened before & resealed with black sealant. It's like tar and I'm struggling to get it off!!!! Any tips on what to use? Feels like I'm getting nowhere! I'm scraping it wiv a screw driver but it's just too sticky
  14. So something like this: http://www.waxamomo.co.uk/index.php?app=ecom&ns=prodshow&ref=AFTripple2 Then a wax like collinite as mentioned above?
  15. Cheers I'll have a look at them. The polish, is that a kit? Got a low budget atm!